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    I just used the QR code to go to the Foruli website and there are new pictures of the sets. I am so excited! I ordered the deluxe set and got a letter from Glenn a while back. I couldn't believe that he had taken the time to write it by hand. What a guy!

    This book is gonna be great!

    I think what they are doing is great and showing serious respect to Glenn. Brand new recordings of Trapeze and Purple - hell yeah! I'm so excited and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. I will be reading it too, and playing the record.

    I was taking a look at their website. Looks like they are also doing editions with Ginger Baker and Peter Hook, and have also got them recording EPs. I can't figure out if this is a high end publisher or a high end record label. Either which way I'm saving up! I'm just so pleased that they are releasing records rather than horrible digital downloads. I love records and am glad vinyl is being kept alive by people like this. There is something about handling and listening to vinyl that you just can't beat.

    I don't see why everybody is geting so bent out of shape about this. It seems really clear that something special is being done with Glenn's autobiography rather than just some run-of-the-mill paperback. I for one applaud the respect he is being given. It seems from David's comments that a cheap version is also in the works, but they just are not telling anybody about it yet. Everybody wins! Collectors who want something special get what they want and people who just want to read Glenn's story will get what they want. I read on a blog today that Kiss are charging £950 just for people to come to a meet-and-greet! Kinda puts things in perspective doncha think?

    This book's debut should have been acompanied by a blast
    of industrial strength publicity. Not this quiet, almost secret publishing date
    from this justifiably expensive and elegant publisher, with this information known
    to only a few of us because of this web site.

    I have emailed the publisher to clarify this and they said that they do have a lot of publicity lined up but they did not want Glenn's fans to be upset that they did not get the first chance to order, so they slipped it out quietly knowing that we would be the first to hear about it. They also told me that it has been selling steadily since yesterday. They were very helpful but would not confirm if a cheap edition is in the works. They were adamant that the recording would only be with these flashy editions though. So no chance of a CD with a cheap edition then!

    Hi. I am new to this forum and I love music and I love books. These dudes do a similar kind of publishing. There is a Brian Wilson book for £900…ld-sun/complete and a Bob Marley one for £795 (no record and no signature of course!)…gae/anniversary Their deluxe editions sell out real quick. Their sold out editions sell for an absolute fortune in auctions and at book dealers. I think it is cool that Glenn is being shown this kind of respect.