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    That was my first Glenn's gig but i hope not the last one!
    He said that he will try comeback in next year and I believe him!
    Really great band, amazing guitarist - Søren Andersen. You even can't imagine how likeable he is! Really sympathetic, really. The rest of the band was also nice!
    And finally Glenn, he's great.
    There was not a lot of people, something around 100. Organizer was crappy in this way. There was no ADVERTISEMENT!
    But Glenn (I HOPE SO!) wasn't angry about that. He just gave all of his love and energy to us. Like all of the band. They were completely enjoying while there were playing and you could see and feel that.
    Amazing night, the place, Firlej club was really nice, intimate atmosphere.
    So Glenn, if you read this forum sometimes believe that you have more fans in Poland but we have to be much louder next nime! ;)
    And we are really happy with my friend that you saw our flag "Welcome home our Soulmover". That's really true.
    Unfortunately for there was much more older songs `cause I love Glenn for his new music made with Chad Smith but i have no reason to complain.
    Big, big thanks to you Glenn.

    I also will be in Wroclaw at this gig. That's will be my first time and i know that will be great. I've just made a huge banner with text "welcome in home our soulmover". Hope he's going to see it!

    Of course you can count on my relation after!

    PS: I still can't believe that i'm going to Glenn's gig! When I have read that information that he will come to Poland i couldn't believe!