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    Is that the coolest wedding cake ever!!!

    Congrats to you and Martin again!! :claphands

    Might see you Sunday. I'll be taking my brother to see the final solo show in Birmingham. It'll be his first one!

    Hi Marie- hope you're well. I'll be at the first and the last ones for sure-- Playing a few of the middle ones by ear at the moment . I need to make up for the fact that I went and booked my summer holiday last year and now it coincides with all of the UK BCC dates--AAHHH! I'm gonna be racing back to catch the Manchester one though!

    I agree with you, gotta feelin' that Northampton will be a blast!! Can't wait!!

    Unfortunately, I'm on holiday for that whole week ! :mad: Including the High Voltage festival. I wonder whether there will be any Midlands or other London shows announced? :huh: :confused:

    I'm looking at flying out to Hamburg. Got some family and friends there and get a chance to hear the new set list before they hit the UK! Maybe every cloud does have a silver lining :rolleyes: ;)

    I entirely agree with everything that has been said about those treasured and prized items that Glenn has been good enough to sign for us. Anything I 've received has always been signed for me personally. I would never seek to profit from the enjoyment and buzz I get from going to gigs and occasionally meeting my musical heroes. However, by the same token, some of the best gigs I've been to are ones I've had to pay a bit extra for. Yusuf Islam's Birmingham gig last year was amazing for me , especially from the vantage point of a few feet away. I probably paid a bit more than most people would be prepared to pay, but it was worth it . It's a choice thing isn't it? I don't for example pay for satellite/ cable TV, because I choose to spend that money on other things. I don't know how to get front row seat tickets, but I do know that if I really want them I'll have to dig deep. Like I said , it's a choice thing. Long live the tout I say, especially the nice one who helped make a memorable evening for me in Birmingham last year. I'll tell you now, I hope the BCC tickets go like hot cakes later this year and if I can't buy one in the conventional way, I'll be on the world's favourite auction site bidding for one !

    Just watched Glenn and Jason say a few words at the Civic Hall. It looked great all decked out for the show. It was a little surreal to see Glenn on the local news, but I'm so pleased at the level of exposure that he's finally getting whether it be with BCC or otherwise. Glenn deserves to be right up there in terms of profile and recognition.

    Can't wait for the show tomorrow. There'll be such a great vibe and expectation. We all know that our guy can deliver the goods!!

    My Wolves tickets arrived today!! Faith now firmly restored in postal system. I'll reserve judgment on unpredictable weather until the new year. Guess I'll be setting off early towards Wolverhampton on the 29th. This will be one not to miss!! Look forward to seeing some of you there!!!!

    Do you think we'll get to hear a few new ones and perhaps a sneaky Zep cover??

    Thanks for this David! I particularly enjoyed the declaration of love and Glenn didn't miss a beat in his response! Great stuff. At the gigs I went to :clapper: the quiet vocal passages were met with a dignified silence .The great thing with a GH show is that even if the set list is the same, you never get the same sort of gig twice!!

    Great to see Glenn and the band at Leamington Spa. Glenn's first visit there! It was lovely to meet you Marie and Martin . Thanks for the present, I must have missed it when it came flying in my direction. It'll go in my frame with the signed picture!!

    So busy grooving that the set went too fast. My highlights were also "Don't Let Me Bleed"--The sound and the dynamics in and out of the breaks really worked and it was great to hear " Addiction" that I didn't get to hear at Nottingham.

    All the best for the remainder of the tour !!

    Thanks for bringing the Voice of Rock back to the Midlands !!

    Can't wait for a return visit with BCC !!!

    Nottingham was a great gig. It did what I think Glenn wanted the shows on this tour to do --ROCK!

    I agree with what's been said about "Orion". Whilst it's not my favourite song on that album, it really works live and Anders keyboards on that are mad too!

    I was at the sound check and Glenn noticed that there was a point at which the vocals seemed to distort so I suppose that's why they started off a bit low in the mix.

    I got the opportunity to meet Glenn before the gig. Thanks for taking the time and I'm really glad you enjoyed the early school days photo! I'll get round to posting it on here soon ( I'll need to figure out how to do it) .

    Another great and energetic gig . I'll see some of you in Leamington I hope. I'll make an effort to introduce myself if I think I recognise you!!


    Mine's simple- Trapeze, circa 1973. Ouch, that makes me feel old....:eek:

    My introduction to the "Voice of Rock" was also well before the KLF came up with that title.It's quite funny now that I look back. A friend of mine bought a tape of "Stormbringer" in a village jumble sale for 2p. Knowing that I was a rock fan, and that I had mentioned Deep Purple once or twice on the school bus, he gave me the tape. My collection at that time consisted of a couple of tracks including "Child in Time " and "Smoke.."--But what was this?!! They seemed to have had another singer.

    The copy of the tape my friend gave me had the album picture on the front, but no other information. I listened to it again and again. I loved it!! All I had was an old cassette player and I was entranced by the singer. The sound was so poor that it was months before it dawned on me that there were 2 singers on that album!!!!!-- well I was only 10 !