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    Did Trapeze ever play in Europe?

    They played a handful of shows in the Netherlands in July and August 1972 plus a few more in February 1973.

    JULY 1972

    28 Sprankje Groen - Dordrecht, Netherlands

    29 Sjaloom - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    AUGUST 1972

    01 Sarassani - Texel, Netherlands

    03 Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    05 PenClub - Ijmuiden, Netherlands

    FEBRUARY 1973

    03 Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    04 PenClub - Ijmuiden, Netherlands

    05 Raza - Utrecht, Netherlands

    10 Tin Pan Alley - Emmen, Netherlands

    Is the Dallas '73 a previously unreleased show?

    Or is it the Dallas '72 show, wrongly dated?

    That mentioned '73 show took place at the venue and city on that date... so if not released previously, it would be "new".

    Release Date: February 24th, 2023

    Format: CD

    Label: Purple Records


    • First three albums from Trapeze circa 1970-72, recorded for the Threshold label.

    • Plus a previously unreleased 1973 live set recorded in Dallas, Texas, along with their intimate Borderline show from 1992.


    TRAPEZE (1970)

    1 It's Only A Dream

    2 The Giant's Dead Hoorah!

    3 Over

    4 Nancy Gray

    5 Medley: Fairytale/Verily Verily/Fairytale

    6 It's My Life

    7 Am I

    8 Suicide

    9 Wings

    10 Another Day

    11 Send Me No More Letters

    12 It's Only A Dream


    MEDUSA (1970)

    1 Black Cloud

    2 Jury

    3 Your Love Is Alright

    4 Touch My Life

    5 Seafull

    6 Makes You Wanna Cry

    7 Medusa



    1 Keepin' Time

    2 Coast To Coast

    3 What Is A Woman's Role

    4 Way Back To The Bone

    5 Feelin' So Much Better Now

    6 Will Our Love End

    7 Loser

    8 You Are The Music


    LIVE IN DALLAS – PART 1 (1973)

    Recorded live at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas, USA, 27th April 1973

    Previously Unreleased

    1 Way Back To The Bone

    2 You Are The Music

    3 Jury

    4 Seafull

    5 Your Love Is Alright


    LIVE IN DALLAS – PART 2 (1973)

    Recorded live at the Majestic Theatre, Dallas, Texas, USA, 27th April 1973

    Previously Unreleased

    1 Medusa

    2 Black Cloud

    3 Keepin’ Time

    4 Touch My Life



    Recorded live at The Borderline, London, 16th May 1992

    1 You Are The Music

    2 Way Back To The Bone

    3 Welcome To The Real World

    4 Coast To Coast

    5 Midnight Flyer

    6 Homeland

    7 Touch My Life

    8 Your Love Is Alright

    9 Black Cloud

    Glenn has finally settled into a band that truly suits everything he brings to the table

    Not often we agree to disagree... my take is, this is by far the most lackluster project he's been involved with the past few years. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of brilliance, but overall, it's all very underwhelming... IMHO :sint1: Oh and not to mention, why the hell are they having GH do cover songs in the live set - why did they hire him... for his songwriting and to help them get to the next level - they seem not to have much ambition and happy to remain where they are.

    Next ;)

    Sounds hopeful for an all systems go reprise later next year :bouncer:

    Joe Bonamassa from a recent interview Stateside:


    We have quite the group chat going right now. So we're gonna start — Glenn and I are gonna start working on writing some songs. We're just gonna get together in October, next month, and we're gonna start. And we're gonna see if we can get everybody's schedule lined up for next year and do another record. 'Cause I really miss those guys. And when we fire on all cylinders, there's nothing better.

    ...album of the week over at MetalTalk:


    But the USP of the band these days is the recruitment of the legendary Glenn Hughes... at 71 years young, the world-renowned pipes of Glenn Hughes point blank refuse to display any signs of wear. This vocal marvel can leave a note hanging like no other... the band are now a proper band. Gone is the reliance on cover versions to fill out an album. Last year’s fabulous Holy Ground showed why bringing in the man from the Black Country was a shrewd bit of business, thus finally giving them critical kudos and shaking off the rich man’s plaything tag.

    8 out of 10 from Markus' Heavy Music Blog!


    Radiance’ sounds crisp and fresh, which is partly due to singer Glenn Hughes. The iconic frontman can already be heard on the previous album 'Holy Ground' and delivers a high-energy performance this time as well. Whether on the crashing ‘Hypnotize Yourself’ or the emotional closer ‘Roll On’, Hughes is always in command and in full control of his voice.

    Review THE DEAD DAISIES ‘Radiance’
    In a certain way The Dead Daisies are the proof that it is not only the constancy of a line-up that influences the quality of a band. In the case of The Dead…

    ...another good one via The Razors Edge:


    At 36 minutes in length, the ten songs are short and snappy. There’s plenty of variety whilst still retaining that dynamic that the band have carved out over the past decade. Big riffs, plenty of hooks, lots of melody and perfectly crafted hard rock – that’s what you get with this album. There’s nothing here that disappoints.

    Album Review: The Dead Daisies - Radiance
    The Razor's Edge review the new The Dead Daisies album, Radiance. Released September 30th via SPV

    The Dead Daisies - UK Tour 2022

    Glenn and The Dead Daisies return to England, Scotland and Ireland this December and deliver a massive dose of rock to their UK fans who count among the most die-hard in the world!

    DECEMBER 2022

    03 Rock City – Nottingham, UK
    04 O2 Ritz - Manchester, UK
    06 O2 Forum Kentish Town - London, UK
    07 KK's Steel Mill - Wolverhampton, UK
    10 The Academy - Dublin, IRELAND
    11 Limelight – Belfast, UK
    13 O2 Academy - Edinburgh, UK
    15 SWX - Bristol, UK

    Tickets on sale now!

    Glenn comments:


    The UK is the foundational home of rock music. It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our return to the UK this December for a run of shows. We are really looking forward to seeing you, as we perform songs from our new album 'RADIANCE'. The interaction between our band and the fans, is paramount. As a Brit, I can't wait to get back to where it all started. We are one...

    Joining the band on these dates are Very Special Guests, FM & Graham Bonnet Band.

    Due to a upper respiratory tract infection Glenn is unable to continue the US Fall Tour 2022. He's now back home taking care of himself and will return to the road for next run of shows later in the year.