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    ...When I really started getting into buying music, I kicked things off with Alice Cooper's Zipper Catches Skin, Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits, Ozzy Osbourne's Bark at the Moon and Diary of a Madman, and Blue Oyster Cult's The Revolution by Night. My wallet has never been the same since...


    Wow, it's rare to see anyone mention Alice's Zipper Catches Skin album. I always loved the humor of the album, and feel it's gotten an undeserved bum rap over the years. Only one or two weak songs on it. Unfortunately, Alice's critics don't like the idea of him not taking himself as seriously as they think he should.

    The first record that chose myself was the 45 of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John. And the album of the same name followed sometime later.

    The first album I ever owned (that I didn't have to share with my brothers) was a gift from a friend of my mother's. I was getting my own turntable, and she bought me The Carpenters The Singles 1969-73. It was a gift, but I dug it. (Heck, I still dig it!)

    Ahhhh, memmmm-ries....

    Pretty cool. I was actually just listening to Uriah Heep's Wizards & Demons. Bought it last week, great record. Hensley is a fantastic keyboard player although I'm not familiar with his solo stuff, but I'll check this out when it's released.

    I don't think I listen to any vocalist who does as many sessions as Glenn. But that's not a bad thing :D

    Glenn does seem to be much in demand -- but, in the music biz, that's only a good thing. It's also great for fans (if they can afford to keep up, that is).

    Demons & Wizards is a great record. Some of their albums are of varying quality, due to frequent line-up changes -- but the good ones are well worth the price of admission.

    Ken Hensley's Blood on the Highway has some meaty Hammond organ playing on it. It's not as proggy as Heep sometimes got, but it's a great album, nonetheless (though your mileage may vary) :)

    Yeah. What's the point of copying a song so precisely that you cannot tell the original from the copy. Pointless really. ... :huh:

    I agree. Although many (most?) of the tribute versions sounded petty good, they too often suffer from a common malady that seems to afflict most people when they do a Beatles song: Acute Post-Fab Hyper-Reverence Disorder. They treat the songs with a seriousness that the Beatles never did, and it oftentimes takes all the life out of the song.

    The Tangerine Dream version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" sounded like it might have potential (though it's hard to tell from a thirty second snippet).

    My bother and mine's band recorded a couple of Beatles covers, and they sound very different from the originals. We love the Beatles music too much to treat it like some holy relic. The video, of our version of "Dear Prudence", can be seen/heard here: [ame='

    - Dear Prudence by Van Gogh[/ame]

    Being perpetually behind the curve, I only recently discovered Blood on the Highway. I think it is a fantastic album, and definitely too good to limit one's self to only getting the two songs Glenn sings on (as good as they are). Glenn does a great job, but so do all the vocalists involved. And it's nice to hear a concept album that is done so well (old farts rule!).

    Does anyone know if Glenn has ever performed the songs live with Ken Hensley?? That would be cool to see (or, at least, hear).


    I found this site while looking for info on the band Cookin' Mama (apparently, Pat Thrall was in the band). I've, also, just recently discovered Ken Hensley's Blood on the Highway album, which Glenn lent his considerable vocal abilities to. So I'm looking forward to learning more about Glenn's recordings. (I also have a Trapeze album; a late friend knew Glenn, I believe; and another friend is a fan from way back -- so I'm not completely ignorant of the man's legacy.)

    I live in the Southern USA, I've written lyrics for about 30 years (nothing famous), I'm very happily married, and I'm not interesting enough to have many more things to list here.

    I look forward to picking my way through this site, and I welcome any input from long-time fans about which albums they most highly recommend.