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    Has anyone got tabs for Voodoo Hill's 'Sensitive'? I want to play the rhythm on my guitar at home [I'll leave the lead alone!!: way beyond my ability] Thanks if you have any idea how to play it and wouldn't mind sharing.

    "Spicks and Specks" is a funny music quiz show that is televised nationally in Australia. They regularly have international music celebrities on the panels. Great to see Glenn Hughes on the box tonight. The show was recorded when GH was touring Australia earlier this year and it took months before finally being aired tonight. He was entertaining and gave away a few rock secrets when footage of metal stars were shown and when talking about back-masking on a Deep Purple album; something I doubt he would do today!!

    I don't know whether it is possible for fans to watch an episode online but the show page is here...

    Does anyone remember this song? ['Hocus Pocus' by Focus] There is a live version on youtube recorded in the early 70's on a pop show and they were introduced by Roberta Flack [?]. Anyway, the musicianship is AWESOME!! The song is bonkers, the singer is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, but it always puts a smile on my face. Check out the drumming; fantastic. The guitarist squeezes out some fresh shapes too. If you've never seen it before, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

    - Focus- Hocus Pocus (live '73)[/ame]

    Maybe too personal but looking and listening to Glenn's lyrics and Twitter comments; has he been on a 12 step program? He refers to his 'Higher Power' quite a lot. I have been encouraged by the lyrics many times.
    But on an interview Glenn says that he believes in past lives, I think. So don't know what to make of that.
    It would be great to read an autobiography [as most members of this forum would be interested]. Its always heartening to hear of people who have been through the gutter and darkest places of the soul and come out changed fundamentally; how they view themselves and how our higher power [God] views us. They say 'never talk about religion and politics' but I bring it up because Glenn speaks so much about it directly and indirectly in lyrics and it is very interesting.

    I am aware that many here are long-time Deep Purple fans, etc, but how would you track your music tastes to get to Glenn Hughes? [Only asking because arriving here from my music history is a complete surprise to me and my baffled friends.]

    Please chart your main music styles and milestones from oldest fond memories to now. It will be good to see how you got here, even if your tastes now are diverse.

    Here goes my checkered history..[try not to laugh too hard].

    'Black Night'[First record ever]
    >Suzi Quatro
    >Bowie [Spiders from Mars/Mick Ronson]
    >The Sweet
    >Kiss/Van Halen
    >Tangerine Dream
    >The Damned/any punk/Stooges/Pistols/Siouxsie and the Banshees/Magazine
    >the Pop Group
    >Ride>Pixies/Sonic Youth/Swervedriver/Catherine Wheel/shoe-gazer music
    >Daisy Chainsaw/Dinosaur Jnr/early Pumpkins
    >The Boo Radleys/Young Gods/Curve/Killing Joke
    >Mogwai/Mint 400/Motorpsycho/Kashmir/Low
    >Built to Spill/Wolf and Cub/Fleet Foxes/Doves/Silversun Pickups/etc
    >Glenn Hughes!!!!

    Thanks for the quick reply. I had a listen to some song samples at Amazon and now I have to buy those cds too! I had never heard of that band or guitarist before. Top musicianship and gutsy yet soulful singing.

    Anyone know where I can find a song called 'Sensitive Man' [I think]. Heard this song and must have it. Been scouring all the track lists from cds and just can't see it. Any clues? It has become my favourite song.

    By the way, I do not approve of illegal downloads or any any dodgy means of getting tracks; its much better to pay for an original CD knowing that the artist is getting something for their labour and talent. So if you know the name of the cd it would be great. Thanks.

    Hi all.
    I am a new fan of Glenn Hughes since a friend lent me a cd of Songs In the Key of Rock. That was only a few months ago now I am addicted to the voice and JJ Marsh's superb guitar.
    It seems really strange to me and my friends that all of a sudden my taste in music has completely changed form alternative to this stuff. I can't explain it but I used to listen to shoegaze music and noisy pop like Sonic Youth, the Pixies, and just about all the alternative bands from 90's til today. Now they all seem unlistenable. What's going on? Maybe I am returning to what I first loved about music when I was a kid. [First single was 'Black Night' afterall!!]
    Anyway, its good to put on a Hughes cd and not get sick of it after the first few plays as is often the case with a lot of bands today. BOught about 7 disks and got to see him play live in the last few months. Good to join the forum and read your comments.