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    Thanks Dave, I was able to watch the segment here as it was on at 12:00 PDT.

    I was a bit surprised by the plug for Music For The Divine. Very well done IMO but a tough way to get exposure as you mentioned considering the subject matter.

    Funny my brother calls me up & says he is buying a guitar for $2,000 + from a neighbor of mine & wants to know if I will tag along. When we get there it is Mark Jones from Wishbox/RealRockers. We had a good time talking with Mark & about seeing him play 20 years ago in the clubs. But what was cool was Mark played some of the backing tracks the band used to get the JLT gig, Amazing stuff. These guys have it together! You would have thought you were listening to the original recording's minus the lead vocals. Mark said there was a chance they might be backing Joe in Japan, not to bad.

    PS My wife went to School with the bass player Sal way back when, lol.

    OK, So who was on stage for this show? This is one of the best live shows of Glenn I have ever heard. Everybody was on for this gig & it has some of the best live vocals by Glenn since Burning Japan IMO. It would be nice if this was the live CD that was coming out.

    I would like to thank Glenn & the band for a remarkable day/evening & to David & Shirean, many many thanks. I had a blast talking with everyone before the show too! Looking forward to seeing the end result on DVD.

    "Teaser" & Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" are My 2 favorites, I had them when they 1st came out. I still use songs from "Spectrum" as background music to home Videos.
    Ebbetts Field 74' shows Tommy in his prime but I could do without the singer on there.

    I did see Tommy live at Winterland in S.F. & the band kicked ass! But Tommy was out of it & could hardly play, I think he only did one solo.


    Hey Howie

    Good show "Samurai" & "Too Drunk to Live.." Were nice set additions & both songs Rocked. Who was that on drums? The drum fill added in "Desert Song" was excellent. The acoustic medley of songs from the Marbles was a surprise too! I was talking to Graham about the Marbles before the show but never would have expected to hear "The Walls Fell Down"

    Take care

    PS I will be checking out the JSS CD/DVD soon

    Hey Howie I will come up & say hi, really looking forward to this show.

    Dam! I get to see Glenn Hughes live 3 times in 2 months & now Graham Bonnet 2 times in 6 months "Long Live Rock N' Roll"


    PS I apologize if this posts more than once.

    The return of Glenn Hughes to San Jose for the 1st show here (I think) since Hughes/Thrall Nov. 20 1982 was a big success. P.T. & Robin both played killer sets priming the audience for Glenn. Glenn's set was short but the crowd loved it & I think Glenn appreciated the response.
    Glenn looked happy, there was a big crowd, the sound was excellent, the sun was shining, what more could you ask for.

    David it was good to see you & Shirean again & to meet your friend Robin, see you somewhere down the road.


    The Music In The Park series is always a big success, I go no matter who is playing. I think Dave Meniketti drew about 10,000 fans last year, Hell, Long Gone Bon drew over 5,000 this will be a great show & it will be loud.


    I agree David, it was "still a very enjoyable time" hanging with all the Glenn fanatics & besides Robin & Alex played excellent sets. For some of us The Mushroom Festival is still fresh in our memories anyway, was Glenn on that day or what! So all is OK, & I will be picking up the new CD Tuesday.