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    can't ? impatient ? NEVER !!!! :D

    I just ordered mine. I'm looking forward to checking it out when I get it. Thanks for the little video demo David, I thought that it was helpful. Of course, I would probably by Glenn Hughes toilet paper if they sold it so it didn't really matter what was on the drive or not, I was still gonna buy it.

    hahahaha :lol: me as well :bow: just ordered mine HURRAH !!! :claphands :claphands

    A big hello to the Gleen Hughes fan forum community and indeed, a huge hello to Glenn if he happens to see this. I have been a Glenn Hughes fan for so many years now and his music never fails to inspire me.

    Regards to all :)

    me as well !!! :) 37+ years (gulp!!how'd i get SO old??)) how come i not joined here b4 ???? :1: