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    I have always sort of thought that Glenn's Feel album was sort of a Hughes/Thrall II cd. Pat Thrall performs the guitar parts to 7 of the 11 tracks. (12 if you have the Japanese version) Pat Thrall gets a co-writing credit on two tracks. Since it's release, I have always thought that Feel is really a follow-up to H/T.

    I think a H/T II cd would likely sound like a Glenn solo cd. I am sure Pat's guitar would be distinct, but I doubt it would sound like an album that they made 25 years ago. But let's face it, even if it sounds like a Glenn solo cd...............that's fine with me.

    I would just like to hear it. The songs are likely becoming dated already, as they were likely written years ago.

    If there were a record deal in place for the album, it would likely get finished in record time.

    Agreed Todd, It can be quite daunting, however I am not so much focusing on JLT's backing vocal appearances, (of which there are many) as much as his lead vocals.

    I have virtually all of his full releases, such as Rainbow, Malmsteen, BA, Mother's Army and of course DP. Now I am seeking the odd tracks. One song here or there.

    I cannot seem to find a good list that has it all in order, so I can even know what he has done. Glenn has an excellent discography on his site, that puts it all together. Joe doesn't...

    I am very unclear about his work with Leslie West. Does he do only backing vocals, or are lead vocals on Leslie's cd's ?

    Does anyone have a good discography for JLT ?

    Thanks Pat

    This a bit off topic, but I am trying to get a handle on all of Joe Lynn Turner's various album appearances. Meaning tribute discs, and one off's ect. Some of his odd appearances are pretty hard to find.

    If anyone has a complete or accurate list or collection of JLT material, would they get in touch with me ?

    I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Pat

    Is there anyone who has Glenn's version of No Stranger To Love from the Sabbath Tribute disc that came out in South America.
    I believe titled Sabbath Crosses ?

    Can anyone post it or could it be added to the Jukebox ?

    I would love to hear it !!!

    Quite hard to find....Thanks

    I was looking for some of my favorite Glenn tracks on all these other submissions, and I am sort of surprised a few IMO standout tracks were not mentioned.
    My Favorites:

    1. All Messed Up- Hands down the winner
    2. Danger Zone- I'm Speechless here.....great song and vocal
    3. You Kill Me- Anyone dare to disagree ?
    4. Jolayne- Totally cool atmoshpere song...amazing vocal
    5. What is A Woman's Role- Same....
    6. Coast to Coast- Same....
    7. Can't Stop The Flood
    8. Burn- Glenn's studio re-make 93 version....smokin' !!!!!
    9. I could go on forever........

    Favorite Albums:
    Seventh Star
    Building The Machine
    The Way it Is
    Burning Japan Live

    I have to throw my two cents in here, as I have all of Jorn's stuff....
    I would have to agree Ark- Burn The Sun is a phenomenal disc.
    I have really never heard anything like it before.
    Just incredible innovative music...
    I also enjoy both Snakes discs, however Once Bitten, although bluesy is a bit generic.
    I really love the first Vagabond disc. It took a few spins to get used to at first, but it really is a great album. I think Ronni Le Tekro is a highly under-rated guitarist. I think that the Vagabond s/t disc has some really catchy pop/rock songs. Although somewhat hard to find, I would really recommend that.
    Also I like the Millenium disc, Hourglass. As much as Jorn sounds like DC on The Snakes discs, he sounds like 1987 era DC on Hourglass. The title track Hourglass IS Judgement Day by Whitesnake.....Coverdale should be getting a royalty for that one...

    Here is my worthless thoughts on this subject. I think Glenn doing Mistreated is streching it. I don't really care for it. I have long felt that song is Coverdale's. He is such a bluesy singer, that song was originally done w/o GH and Coverdale doing Mistreated is classic. I agree with earlier comments that Glenn has made Burn his own. The 93 studio version is nothing short of astonishing. Glenn also has done excellent versions of Gypsy, You Fool No One, Stormbringer, Might Just Take Your Life. All are excellent and Glenn makes a strong point that he could have fronted Purple back in the day.
    I just draw that line with Mistreated. I think that song was always about Blackmore and Coverdale. Rainbow's version is less without DC. And Whitesnake's live versoin w/o Ritchie is less.
    How about Glenn doing Dealer, Drifter or please...please.. do Love Child !!!!!

    I hope that the title of this thread would be an attention getter.
    I wanted to start a discussion about the great idea for a live cd coming from the proposed GH-Iommi tour. Wouldn't that be awesome ? I think a live release in 2006 would keep some momentum going for Tony's solo career while he plans his next step.
    I personally would love to hear live versions of the Fused, DEP Sessions material. But most importantly could be the inclusion of Seventh Star material live. I know Glenn has already provided No Stranger To Love via the bonus disc with R.O.C.K. as well as Seventh Star on the elusive Freak Flag Flyin disc. However this could be the time to record songs live Danger Zone or Heart Like A Wheel or Turn to Stone. Again, I could see a proposed live disc as a great document of the tour as well as great way to keep some public focus on Tony's solo career.
    Is there any way to get some support for such an idea and maybe communicate the idea to the Glenn and/or Tony ?

    What does everyone else think ?

    (I can't imagine anyone being opposed to the idea.)

    I would disagree that the 1976 Trapeze tour was limited to only shows in Texas. In the video of Trapeze from St. Louis in 1994, Glenn clearly says that the last time they played St. Louis was 18 years earlier as part of the 1976 reunion tour. He seems pretty clear about that. I would imagine that in 76 they played the markets that were strong for them, which would be a great deal of Texas, but not entirely limited to that state alone. I wish there was more documentation of the tour dates from them. I am curious to know just how many shows Glenn did that year with Trapeze.

    Can anyone comment on the specifics regarding the Alchemist cd and also The Bobaloos cd. I am wonder what year were these discs recorded, not what year they were released. I had heard that the Bobaloos was recorded in 1983 when Glenn was living in Atlanta. Is this correct ? Were these considered finished album tracks or were they merely demos ? Was this to be a new band or was it considered a one-off project ?

    Same goes with The Alchemist material. I know Glenn has been quoted as saying that he never was paid for the session, let alone credited. I also know it was released in 2002, but does anyone know what year that material was recorded ? It sounds very much like a finished album, vs. demo quality (i.e. The Works Tapes) but the lack of double tracked vocals or harmony vocals might indicate it was more a session of demos. Glenn does so much session work that quite a bit of it is shelved, only to be released years later. So anyone who has some history on these two curious releases......please share some information.


    Does anyone out there have the Finders Keepers single ?

    Is anyone kind enough to burn the songs for me ?

    I assume Glenn sings them ? Is that correct ?

    An even greater bonus would be if someone had Camel Toe Stomp to tack on as well....

    Any help would make me indebtted to some kind soul....(mover)

    Email me if you accept charity cases...


    I know this is all wishful thinking on my part, but I just wanted to put this out there for some conversation. We had a great thread going about J.J. and his Hendrix influence. No one disputes what a great guitarist J.J. is, however I would love to see Glenn colloborate with some other guitarists on an album. Here are some things I would love to hear.

    #1 And this one is coming true..... to hear Glenn collaborate with Tony Iommi. The Dep Sessions official release was a miracle. The new disc will, I am sure be simply amazing...I am a huge Iommi/Sabbath fan and Glenn will be nothing short of stunning on this new release.

    #2 What about a collaboration disc with John Sykes. I think Heaven's Missing An Angel is the BEST track on HTP. Sykes is the classic 80's Whitesnake sound, and if DC won't work with him, Glenn should. Glenn could really make a classy british rock album with Sykes, he is so talented, and has such a distinct sound and style to his playing.

    #3 What about Stevie Salas. This would be great exposure for Stevie to team up with Glenn for a full album and maybe a tour. Stevie is rock, funk, pop and Hendrix all rolled together. If he is good enough for Jagger...well....Who can disagree that You Kill Me is not an amazing all out rock track. Stevie's appearance on The Way It Is is simply a teaser of what could come.....

    #4 What about a full album with Mel Galley ? I know Dave Holland is out for any kind of Trapeze reunion thing, (Not sure Glenn would want that anyway)...But Mel has some serious funky chops...Hot Wire anyone ? Play Me Out was too experimental, but Mel fits so well with Glenn. They could make a serious classic funk rock record. Mel's sticatto, edgy, playing style is so distinctive, it would be great to hear those old friends make some music just for fun even...What about a Pink Cloud release...? I am not sure what Mel's physical condition is these days, with his hand injury, but I would bet he is playing and writing....

    Glenn is so versatile, but his sound is radically impacted by the guitarist he collaborates with.. for example compare the Gary Moore disc...with...Addiction, and then Hughes/Thrall.....each is great, but each carries a distinctive stamp of Moore, Bonilla, and Thrall... So what does everyone think about my pipedreams ?

    Thanks everyone for the discussion. I agree with some of the comments, such as if you are going to be influenced by any guitarist, who better than Hendrix. The man had the best chops on the guitar ever....

    It also occurred to me, Hendrix is one of the greatest funky, bluesy rock guitarists ever..So if you are a guitarist looking to put the funk to the funkmeister, well...Hendirx would be the place to go......

    Thanks for the dialog everyone........

    I am sitting here listening to Soul Mover for the first time. (Yes we here in States are behind everyone else.) I just wanted to throw out some comments.
    First I have to say that I love GH (Big Daddy) as much as everyone reading this. I am so happy that he is as productive as he is. I am very pleased that he makes a new album every year. Too few artists these days release a new product yearly.

    Anyway, does anyone else hear Hendrix all over this new disc ? I love JJ, he is great, and I love Hendrix, but man the influence is all over the place here, to the point I would use the word blatant. (Did I spell that right ?)

    Last Mistake- is a bluesy tune totally in the vein of Hey Joe/ Wind Cries Mary vein.
    Miss Little Insane, in title only bears similarity to Little Miss Lover, Little Miss Strange.
    Land of The Livin' has a guitar riff that is totally Hendrix...Almost right off of Beginnings
    Dark Star, with the wha wha funky guitar chords has a very Hendrix vibe to it as well.
    So does the opening chord progression on Soul Hendrix stuff..

    Now I acknowledge not all of it is totally Hendrix influenced, just some of the riffs here and there.

    With this much Hendrix all over the disc, why doesn't Glenn just cover something like he did with Freedom on The Way It Is in 1999. Speaking of that album, it features Stevie Salas, who is a huge Hendrix wannabe guitarist..(Again don't get me wrong, I love Stevie...his stuff rocks..but it is strange that Glenn has this Hendrix vibe happening everywhere..

    Does anyone else hear this, or am I alone in my thinking ?

    Here would be some of my choices to make the setlist:

    All Messed Up...Simply one of Glenn's best rock tracks
    Hold Out Your Life instead of First Step...
    Black Cloud or Keepin Time for the Trapeze stuff.
    You Kill Me
    Can't Stop The Flood
    Space High or L.A. Cutoff (Am I asking too much here ?)
    Big Time or Maybe Your Baby
    Danger Zone

    And lastly, How about Highball Shooter ?

    Then fill out the set with Soul Mover Tracks

    I am wondering if anyone can validate the list of shows that Trapeze performed on the 1994 tour. Glenn's site lists about 5 shows and the tour was cancelled. Is that accurate ? Are the dates listed the only ones performed ? I have been listening to some audio shows from this tour and, they were really in fine form during those shows !!! They were all playing with renewed energy. They really sounded like they were having a great time. The set was excellent, many shows featuring three songs from Hot Wire. Glenn was great on that tour as was Mel. I have questioned the lack of some dates on Glenns Tourography page.
    For instance it lists no date for St. Louis in 1976, when it is pretty much confirmed that he performed with Trapeze there. It only lists the Texas date, of which a recording exsists. I am sure more dates were played. Anyway what about the 94 tour ? Was there more to that one ?
    If those dates were accurate, then I had the good fortune of witnessing the last ever Trapeze concert in Cleveland, Ohio.
    That is pretty significant for me, as I also attended the first night of the Sabbath 86 tour here in Cleveland, Ohio as well.
    Any info would help thanks.......

    This is simply a topic I wanted to put out there for discussion. I would love to hear Glenn update some of the old Trapeze songs. I just love all those old songs, as I am sure all of you do, but be honest those old recordings are just horrible. The cd versions of each album really show the limitations of the recordings of that era. I would love to hear a new recording of Black Cloud, Touch My Life and in particular, Keepin' Time. Even if they were bonus tracks somewhere. JJ and Ed Roth could work wonders on them. Maybe invite Mel to play on them. Glenn has redone so many Purple songs, Highball Shooter, Holy Man, ect. Why not the Trapeze stuff ???? I know he is flowing with creative ideas for new material, but still, I think it would give new life to those songs.
    I particularly enjoy the live version of Way Back to The Bone on the U.S. Addiction disc.
    I am looking forward to Medusa on Soufully.
    Live might be as close as we get.......What does everyone else think ????????