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    I've also been listening a lot to Feel lately. The ballads on the album are particularly fine and strongly showcase Glenn's marvellous voice.

    I love Coffee and Vanilla!!!! A really cool song.

    This is indeed very sad news. Hughes/Thrall is one of my favourite albums and I was waiting with bated breath for Hughes/Thrall 2 to be released.

    Scott made a statement earlier about the song Pay the Price and how good it is. I would like to heartily endorse that statement. I have a copy of the track on White Soul Rockin' Black and although the sound reproduction is not perfect, the song makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. An absolutely brilliant track.

    Can't get enough of your music Glenn!!!!

    A big hello to the Gleen Hughes fan forum community and indeed, a huge hello to Glenn if he happens to see this. I have been a Glenn Hughes fan for so many years now and his music never fails to inspire me.

    Regards to all :)