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    Just got home from the gig. Superb. Rocking band!
    Got parked opposite the venue and tour bus from which Glenn just walked off as we arrived. he said "Hi". Cool guy!
    He seemed in a good place, and really hope BCC can give him some mainstream success. We've all known he was brilliant for years :)

    I'll have to wait a bit longer.
    Got CD thru on Wednesday - a duffer - wouldn't play.
    Quick turnaround from Amazon and got another this morning.
    Must be a bad batch - another no player.
    Unless BCC hype management are doing a pincer to shift out all the Cds :)
    Amazon (UK) are now out of stock!!
    Looking forward to seeing Glenn in Glasgow tomorrow.

    Great the Glasgow show is a Saturday, it's local to me!! :)

    We came down to brum last summer Wolfy, there's always a warm Glasgow welcome, so pop up and have a bumper weekend.

    If these dates are still speculative, a lot of sites have jumped the gun!

    Echo some of the sentiments here. Seeing Glenn in tiny wee clubs playing 100 people in Glasgow 12 years ago or so, was a thrill to me and a credit to Glenn's professional approach that the show was great. But, I've been hoping he'd get in a band where he wasn't the best known, and the other guys bring some fans to the gigs. Hope it goes well for him, he deserves it. He's a star!

    Hi John, You don't know me, but these are some serious players.
    I've recently had a chance to step up a little in the bands I'm playing with, nothing in this league. These dudes are seriously good pros, whom I've paid money to see. Marco twice with Whitesnake and John Syke's Lizzy.
    Even at my level in the food chain, we are keeping quiet about the bass guy, who is our highest profile guy until it's absolutely happened.
    Pleased for you, Cheers, Bruce

    I'm happy to sit tight until everything is buttoned up. I do hope it is some high profile guys, Glenn needs to move from the niche market he has here.
    We love him, but so many rock fans I chat to haven't really heard of him and I know they'd love his work.
    Of all the 70s guys and the Ex-Purple people Glenn's voice is intact and still stunning. If you got him in the right environment he could really take off. High profile players with good song writing skills would be my ideal for Glenn.
    Should be very interesting....2010

    The DVD sounds great David, whilst watching stuff on the PC is OK,
    cranking it up through the Hifi is my preferred choice.

    Seriously think you should (maybe you are) target the folk on here for the fans DVD. I don't care too much about packaging. I bought the Peter Gabriel concert CD i was at, because "I was there". Plain card sleeve, no pics. In addition to that, these shows were superb, and Jeff was a great addition to the band (IMHO).
    Played Ritchie's bits with sympathy, yet managed to inject his own style.

    Nice if the Bilston weekend could be an annual thing, might be better than Glenn trying to rustle up a crowd in Glasgow or Edinburgh, on tour. We'd travel to Brummie, especially for 2 shows.

    Keep up the good work.

    Hi Guys, Just wondered, following on from the Spock's Beard approach of the fans funding the next album, prior to it being recorded. Would you consider this perhaps for the Bilston shows on full size audio/video that could get burned to a DVD for conventional (non PC) enjoyment.
    A DVD for fans only, no fancy packaging or stuff, just the shows?
    Or, the video could be made available for Alive Drive fans from a website,
    with passwords etc, then we could burn our own DVDs.

    I know there may be copyright issues and stuff getting out of control, but it's just a thought.

    Alive Drive is good, and I like the new techie stuff, but worth an ask :)

    I think as long as the line up is clear, then the fans can choose to follow or not. Purple without Blackmore? To some people no go, to others it's fine. I saw Think Lizzy a couple times back in the late 70s with Robbo/Gorham/Downey/Lynnot, great stuff.I saw the recent version with Tommy A on drums, I thought they were a quality tribute act and a great warmup for Purple. Nice to hear those great Lizzy songs played live by excellent players. I guess a pro musician has got to make some cash by playing so....why not (in my view)
    I know some die hard fans can get upset, but I guess I'm not in that group.

    I tried it in a laptop with Ubuntu running - didn't like it
    and wouldn't start up. I don't have the actual error messages, and it could be my installation is lacking some Linux packages. It could re-produce the error messages if anyone was interested, in a geeky kind of a way :lol:
    Works fine with windows.

    Interesting thread..
    what about:
    Terry Wilson Slesser (Crawler)
    Pete Goalby (Trapeze, Uriah Heep)
    John Gustaffson (Quatermass, Ian Gillan Band)
    Strange to have another quality singer with IGB, as well as Ian,
    but there you go.
    Maybe these guys aren't so obscure, but perhaps not mainstream popular rock vocalists.

    I know it's down to schedules and availability but I'd like to see the recent touring band putting down the tracks. I'd like to hear Jeff Kollman in particular. So much so I've gone back and bought some of his solo stuff.

    I know Glenn is class, and by far the best singer I've seen live, and I've seen some good ones. But he's in a niche market. I saw Gary Moore play to maybe a couple of thousand folk in Glasgow recently. Sad to say, Glenn wouldn't get that response. Maybe he's not too bothered. Pity he didn't get a stint with Satriani and Chad. Now there's a three-ball!

    I'd like to see him get the acclamation he deserves on a wider scale, but how you do that.....