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    This definitely a grower. I wasn't impressed when I first played it, but now I think it's a monster. DC at 80% of what he used to be is still better than most and Doug Aldrich is the star of the album. I've always liked his guitar playing and this is the best album he's played on. I hope this isn't the end for Whitesnake, but if it is what a way to go. :thumbup:

    I have the Greg Lake From the Beginning (best of) double-cd and Live King Biscuit Flower Hour cd with Gary Moore on guitar. I'm not a big ELP fan, but he was the best thing about them and really like the songs that showcase his rich vocals (like C'est La Vie). The music that he recorded with Gary Moore is terrific. The proper studio album is expensive, but many of those songs appear on disc 2 of From... The live album is a tour de force. His vocals are wonderful on Parisienne Walkways. Retribution Drive and It Hurts are great songs. If you're not familiar with Greg Lake's music get both of these releases. The first disc of From the Beginning features music from ELP and King Crimson with the last song being the live version of 21st Century Schizoid Man with Gary Moore on guitar and Ted McKenna on drums.

    Thanks for the welcome Kat, Shirean, and Grace :)

    I'll be sure to explore the site. It's awesome and the people here are, too.

    Grace, I do go to Vintage Vinyl. I love that place. In the early 90's, i bought very very few cd's because I was discouraged by the music scene. I went to Vintage Vinyl and bought Bad Moon Rising and Jeff Pilson's War and Peace. They were okay.

    Then a few months later I bought Glenn's Feel album there. That album and discovering the Internet was a spark for buying music again. I've kept going ever since.

    Thanks, Tero. It's great to be here :)

    Tough call. For me, it's Burning Japan Live. So many great songs and Glenn singing lead on "Burn," "Stormbringer," and "Lady Double Dealer." I didn't even like "The Liar" and "Get Into The Void" on From Now On, but they were amazing on BJL.

    It just edges out DP's On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat. On that album, DP Mk IV adds extra sparkle to the songs from CTTB and puts its own stamp on some oldies. DC and Glenn do a great job singing "Smoke on the Water." "Getting Tighter" is pure music magic captured on tape. Glenn, Tommy, and Ian are incredible on it. DP Mk IV was different from other line-ups, not inferior.

    Hi. My name is Guido (really!) and I'm from New Jersey (born in Italy). I've been a Glenn Hughes fan since the early 80's when I was a teen. My older brother had the Hughes-Thrall album and I loved it. I didn't know much about Deep Purple or that Glenn sang for them. I subsequently bought the "Seventh Star" and Phenomena albums just because Glenn sang on the them.

    My favorite all-time Glenn tracks are the are:

    1) "Getting Tighter" live on Deep Purple's "On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat"

    2) "Burn" from "Burning Japan Live"

    3) "Still the Night" from John Norum's "Face the Truth"

    Would love to see Glenn live one day. Just saw Whitesnake rock the Starland Ballroom crowd in Sayreville (Bon Jovi-ville), NJ.

    I think "Soul Mover" is a great title for a Glenn Hughes album. His music has been moving my soul (and many others) for a long time.