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    a special night install.
    I am sure Glenn will dig deep musically & will be engaging recalling his life journey.

    Glenn's vocal take on 'Dealer' would be interesting to hear.
    PMO out: 'Destiny' & It's About Time'
    'Phoenix Rising'
    'Blue Jade'

    I heard one of the Wembley shows was better than the other one which all the Press was invited to.
    Leicester? Never read a review ditto Glasgow.
    Liverpool as bad as people alude to?
    All fascinating stuff.
    The non starter 2nd MK4 album:
    when I hear Tommy's 'Shake The Devil' & 'Post Toastee'
    David's 'Say You Love Me' & 'Time On My Side'
    Glenn's 'It's About Time' etc
    Should have been a corker.
    PS: Would like to hear Glenn tackle the Lead Vox on 'Dealer', live & studio.
    As GH aluded to on 'Phoenix Rising' dvd.
    'Live' it would be such a breath of fresh air after 'Mistreated' being in the set for so long.

    thanks for digging this one out your scrapbook for us all to enjoy :thumbup:

    Trapeze Medusa & 1971 US tour dates

    Most of us know this was taken from the Overton Park Shell
    Memphis Tn.I tracked down the venue in 2004 because of the Trapeze connection rather than the Elvis Presley connection.Presently the venue still features lots of free concerts but has been rebranded the 'Levitt Shell'.Still worth a visit!

    I was told the iconic image was from 1971 & Trapeze were on the same bill as The Groundhogs.

    Can anyone expand on this & go definitive?

    I will welcome this dvd into my collection.Liked the You Tube CTTB track by track album breakdown with GH & JL. Is Martin Birch interviewed?

    Would have been great if David Coverdale had gone on camera ditto Paicey.I am presuming Johnny Bolin & Karen Ulibarri didn't get infront of the camera? Minor quibbles aside,I can't wait!

    Regarding the audio the incomplete version of 'Coming Home' could/should have been used somehow. Glazosifo

    Saw Dave Holland twice with Trapeze Hammersmith Odeon '92 & The Robin '94.
    Would like to see Dave work with Glenn again.I guess GH's management would have to be well prepared for a potential backlash.
    With Glenn's profile being the highest it's ever been nowdays
    it probably won't happen.
    Mr Iommi did a subtle bodyswerve back in '96 by getting another drummer to dub in on the DEP tapes.
    I respect Dave's playing on the Trapeze albums & Play Me Out up their with the likes of Paice & Bonham for me anyway.

    Any audio hifi nuts out there give me your take Sonically on the new remaster please?
    I played the latest edition on a Car cd player & found the treble frequency way too high.I tried Dolby noise reduction etc but the Cymbals dominated the mix even relegating Iommi's guitar to Garden Strimmer status.Whereas my old Castle Communication CD sounded fine.
    I admittedly need to try it thru atypical home HIFI system to give you folks a definitive.

    I admit to not yet getting this bells'n'whistles edition.
    I believe the video/single mix of 'No Stranger'gets makes its cd debut for which I am greatful.
    Full marks to Tony Iommi for unlocking his vault to feature a Ray Gillen live set from the Seventh Star Tour which unfortunately Glenn was unable to complete.
    The Ray Gillen verson of Eternal Idol is also included in the series.
    Hoping Tony & Glenn will get around to doing a tour together as they have amased some great stand-alone songs most of which deserve a proper
    live airing.
    I hear Mr Iommi & Ian Gillan are remixing 'Born Again' which I eagerly await with interest. The missunderstood wilderness years of Black Sabbath will
    be judged in a kinder light hopefully.

    Wonder if Glenn ever dug her albums? (the ex Wife of Miles Davis).
    Incredible uncompromising Funk circa mid 70's ;)
    What a great voice she posessed & a band as tight as...
    If you cats love 'Play Me Out' you will all be grooving to her albums.Out on cd reissue.

    Wonder if Glenn will ever play 'Play Me Out' onstage in it's entirety
    with Horns & Strings & b vox
    Brass up some 'Trapeze' & 'Feel' songs & the Wolverhampton City Hall beckons..I wish anyway!
    Time for Mr Iommi to do some shows with Glenn.
    A crying shame 'Fused' wasn't promoted with some live shows.
    I guess Glenn's new band & album will rightly take priority but
    maybe it isn't as far fetched for Glenn's 2010 diary?

    I recall an early David Coverdale '78-ish interview mentioning an unissued Steely Dan influenced instrumental recorded pressumably in Munich I pressume? I am glad DC enthused about Kevin Shirley's remix so far.I hope can we extend 'Gettin' Tigher'.

    What a wonderfull weekender it was.Thanks to Glenn for his appreciation of his fanbase.
    Great to hear the Trapeze songs again..gosh previously
    Glenn was with Mel & Dave in that zone
    way back in Brierley Hill '94.
    Loved the band ..probably the best GH has had outside of Trapeze themselves.
    Fab set list both nights.
    Now what about GH with a Brass section performing 'Play Me Out' in its entirety?

    Simon R doesn't get near the faders.He's not the main Overlord who approves all the new remixes/remasters.SR does the booklets & is very knowledgeable about whats kicking around in the DP Overseas Archive.I value SR's work in getting Purple family products on the shelves at a reasonable price.I don't believe SR is racking loads of cash from these Archive releases at the expense of fans.The Foxbat release was a King Buscuit Radio broadcast & the master tapes were probably not totally unmixed masters.So apart from some sonic EQ'ing it was as left by King Buscuit circa '76. GLAZOSIFO

    I would welcome a Ian Paice & Glenn H to double head the CTTB remixes/remaster.
    I would love to hear what was played after the original fade on 'Getting Tighter' .
    A bonus DVD disc should include a track by track 'hands on faders' like the 'Oz Unplugged '
    DVD package
    by our Man & IP along with interviews with the surviving members of MK4 in a
    Classic Album DVD Series.Too much to ask? Glazosifo

    I first got to see Glenn with Trapeze at the Hammersmith Odeon in '92.It was the Andy Field Benefit & Trapeze were supporting Fish.An off shoot of The Alarm were also on the bill.
    I have caught Glenn on every subsequent tour of the UK.
    Looking fwd to the Childline Rocks & Glenn Fest at the Robin in Bilston,UK.
    Simon F