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    Thanks for posting the set list.
    I could live without 'Mistreated' personally.
    What about giving MK4's 'Dealer' an airing and some Iommi Hughes stuff??
    'Still The Night' would be a welcome addition and suit Doug's guitar style well.
    I am hoping Glenn will ''change a few things around'' before he hits the UK?

    Loved this cd. Coming after 'Feel' with such a knockout punch and seeing Glenn with Tony Iommi jamming 'Heart Lie A Wheel' (please correct me if I'm wrong) at The Wulfren Hall on the tour... a great memory. 'Blue Jade' co-written by JJ is my favourite cut. Marc did a great job producing and playing some great guitar too!…com/pin/create/extension/

    SUN HILL PRODUCTION from Sweden have re-issued Glenn's 1994 CD 'From Now On' including the reworking's of Burn and You Keep On Movin'. I know some fans find it hard to find Glenn Hughes CD's on the shelves in the age of digital downloads. HMV in Bond Street in London was where I bought it last night.

    Here are a couple of UK based TV interviews, with some parts seen previously, others not... done for promotion during the "From Now On..." / "Feel" period, circa early-mid 1995 :cool1:

    thanks for the post.I used to watch this program with Krusher & Co.

    I was thinking today it would be cool if Glenn re-recorded some choice Trapeze songs with a Stax brass section,in Memphis Tn naturally?
    Glenn could dip into his 'Play Me Out' material too and any of his funkier offerings for that matter.Come on Glenn get down to McLemore and testify!

    I picked 'Hotwire' and the 'Stars' Trapeze album up about 3 years ago
    on one disc.I think it was out on 'Wounded Bird' label?
    'Medusa' got the treatment a while back so it would be wonderfull if
    'You Are The Music' got reissued and remastered.
    I guess the unmixed master tapes are missing?

    I wonder if Glenn will cast his eyes and ears on Kat Marsh.
    'Can't Compete' has got funk/soul deeply infused and she can play and sing and them some.
    Kat is now fronting 'Lionface' who I am going to see at The Garage in Highbury
    London 21/4/15.
    Incinerate,Hunted,Girl,Blue Heart Rate are Lionface tunes worthy of your attention.

    Mervyn Spence, best known to people on here as owner of the rights to the Phenomena Project, was in the local paper this week as he's broke and facing eviction.

    Normally I'd feel sorry for him but he failed to pay Mel or Glenn any royalties despite a large amount (over 1 million) of sales over the years. He even put out the triple cd Phenomena set with un-authorised rehearsal demos on!

    Where did all the money go - certainly not to the right people!

    It's a small world,I met Meryvn through Coach House studio in Lichfield, Staffs.I was was peddling a song I had co-written.Mervyn played me a spanishy acoustic rendering of 'Still The Night' at the time.

    A great featurette.It's great Jon was willing to do some 'press' on CTTB in particular.
    Glenn & Jon featured prominently in the 'Phoenix Rising' package.I like many of you readers lapped this up but I also wanted:
    A 'classic albums' treatment of CTTB..knob twiddling aplenty,faders flying and mountainous ''muting''.Examples of GH and IP 'locking in'
    TB's guitar oozing from every pour..DC's majesterial get the drift!
    From MK3 Jon expanded his Kbd arsenal to compiment the soul-funk influences.Come MK4 Jon was right ''on it'' though mixed down than previously our ears were accustomed too.

    I was happy to caught the reformed line-up at the Hammersmith in '93(?) supporting Fish
    for the Andy Fields benefit and in '94 at The Robin in Bilston.I recall a Metal rock show on UK TV which Phil Alexander fronted where Trapeze played 'Coast To Coast'.No You Tube footage yet?
    Glazo SiFo

    What a..blinking shame that GH won' t be there.
    A once in a life time occassion with a live DVD production to capture the onstage sensibilities of Marsden,Murray,Bailey & Co with our man out front.

    Haunted,Distant Voices,Dance With The Devil from Phenom.
    Try & Take My Love & Hold Out Your Life.
    Stormbringer,Holy Man & The Gypsy recuts.
    Angry Heart/In Memory & The Healer,Right To Live & Shake The Ground.
    Picking Up The Pieces & Homeland,The Death Of Me & Blue Jade.
    Against The Grain & Inside & Above.Beyond The Numb