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    I read the 2nd Wembley show was certainly better than the first show.
    I haven't seen reviews for Glasgow and Leicester.Glenn has said that he didn't get a wink of sleep on the UK tour and was apparently 'howling like a dog' come the last show.

    The hard core Glenn fans,me included will always encourage Glenn to release
    out takes,unreleased material that never fitted an album of the time.
    The unreleased Warner Brothers album is one I would like to get.
    Did MK4 ever 'track' 'It's About Time' ? Anymore form the '78 'Fools Condition' sessions?

    I first saw Trapeze at Andy Fields benefit gig in '92 at the Hamersmith Odeon.
    I totally forgot about Mel and 'The Claw' until I got out the venue.Mel Galley played great!


    Until now,I was blissfully unaware of Glenn's vocal overdubs on Made in Europe.Though I acknowledge Glenn was called in during the MK4 days to add vocals to the Springfield show with a view to broadcasting that show at that time. All according to the sleeve notes in On The Wings of A Russian Foxbat Long Beach '76 Show.

    'Songs In The Key Of Rock' with 'Freak Flag Flyin' is in sync as Glenn was promoting the album. A rare outing for 'In My Blood' on 'Freak Flag'. IMHO F.Flag is on a par and arguably better in places than 'Soulfully Live' and it is a great recording too!

    JJ Marsh was playing out of his skin on 'Freak Flag'.
    I still miss JJ,not being up there onstage with Glenn.

    I would too! A chance for Glenn to release out-takes or songs that didn't fit on the original cd's. 'Against The Grain' and 'Inside and Above' were stand outs,but lots of variety on Incense and Peaches... some Jazz-Funk touches and great keyboards from Hans Z.

    'The Ledge' is one I'd return to from the HTP debut.
    Off the second HTP the track,which eludes me now,
    where Steve Via guested got my attention.
    Regarding BCC,I liked the punch and directness of 'One Last Soul'.
    'Cold' live or studio is a killer-diller.''Little Secrets' with that descending George Harrison-esque chord progression is memorable.
    'Collide' had that Zep-esque stop start riffing that wears a bit thin nowdays but I may warm to it in the context of the new album.
    With BCC previously Glenn's funk-soul leanings were not really represented there-in, a shame.
    A proper Hughes/Thrall new album and Tour would be a dream come true and would trump HTP and BCC for me anyway.

    "Jeff Kollman hits the road with Glenn Hughes"…ces-shedding-skin-reissue

    Burn, Might Just TYL,What's Goin' On Here,You Fool No One,Sail Away,Mistreated,Stormbringer (MK4 funk interlude version please)
    Lady Double Dealer,The Gypsy,Highball Shooter,Dealer,You Keep On Movin', This Time Around/Owed To G'.
    I hope Jimmy Barnes guests to add some harmony vocals where appropriate and feature on Lead Vocals for 'Drifter''Lady Luck' & 'Love Child'.
    I could live without the MK2 stuff but a funked up 'Maybe I'm A Leo' would be cool.

    'Live at The London Astoria' is a good audience recording.I enjoyed 'Gone' and a keyboardless 'Might Just Take Your Life' musically treading in AC/DC territory.

    Good to reaquaint myself with he quality of the 'The Way It Is'. Nice soulful elements therein amongst the riffage.

    I really enjoyed Glenn's appearance on Needle Time-Vintage TV.Featuring a full version of 'Love Child' by MK4,an edited 'Burn' then the promo clip to 'Heavy' and BCC's 'Collide'.Good to hear Mel Galley and Trapeze era getting mentioned.

    Glenn was asked about his bass playing and he mentioned hid ''Detroit'' less is more approach.Glenn expanded on the David Bowie period in his life and that Gary Moore being the toppermost of the rockamost of all the guitarists he has worked with.

    Good questions by Neil McCormick and Glenn seemed quite at ease.

    Glenn was recently interviewed by Neil McCormick of UK based, Vintage TV - the full episode should be online soon :cool1:

    Nice to see Anders Olinder working with Glenn again. Glenn was playing acoustic and singing.'Songs that eminated from Cannock'.

    Apparently Glenn's Grandmother liked the lyrics to 'Seafull'. Trapeze classics 'Seafull','Coast To Coast' & 'Will Our Love End' were featured.

    Anders played some nifty bass lines at times to fill out the sound. Anders block chords worked well to emulate RB's guitar solo section on 'Mistreated' which worked well in an unplugged set up.Glorious chord inversions by Anders on the tail section where Glenn improvises vocally.

    I thought someone in the John Ogden role could have added some percussion during these performances,but that's a minor quibble.

    Nicky Horne(so down to earth no aires or graces) happily mingled with the audience during the interval prior to Glenn's performance.

    The evening commenced proper with a rough cut of a forthcoming DVD/Blue Ray MK3 Story- 'Lay Down Stay Down' featuring interviews with legendary Roadie 'Magnet'. New to me was the audio of Glenn singing and playing guitar presumbly with Paice & Lord on the Soul cover 'Some Kinda Wonderful'.More information please somebody?

    Nice to meet like minded fans and some of Glenn's inner circle!

    Glenn left us by hitting an incredible vocal high note on 'You Keep On Movin'.

    I can see Glenn doing a few more of these events in the future. OUT

    I agree that the '94 demos don't quite fit in but where else is Glenn going to re-release those two cuts? More songs from the follow up session of '78 would have sat better. Especially if they were of the standard of 'Fools Condition' & 'Getting Near To You' then I would be delighted. Glenn once referred to 'Four On The Floor' as ''Fall on the Floor''. Trapeze's brief '76 US Tour featured 'LA Cut Off' and another tune from the Play Me Out, so if a decent audio could be found from that then that would be welcome addition to the bonus tracks?