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    Thanks to Ken for providing us these two great reminders from our hey days!!

    As Glenn has been playing Deep Purple set for two years
    it would be great if Glenn would play the Hughes/Thrall album live in it's entirety onstage.
    Add 'Still The Night' 'Pay The Price' 'You Were Always There' 'Try & Take My Love' etc and the demos to the set list.

    Time to push the musical envelope again Glenn!

    I have heard about 'Freak Flag' running too fast. I have never really noticed it too much as we're not into the 'Pinky and Perky' zone. Perhaps consider Downloading (for free) 'Audacity' and rectify the tempo accordingly?

    I really want to hear what the bonus mix of 'Still The Night' that's on the current 'Phenomena Anthology' cd,is like, before I shell out, if you've got it that is? Do give us a review or your personal highlights from the Live Bootleg Vol 2 live boxset, when time and tide permits. Thanks for responding.

    Regarding the live concerts not being from the same tour, I would concur with you.
    For me the bonus live gig from S.I.Y.K.O.R 2003 JB's Dudley (formerly known as 'Freak Flag Flying') is well recorded.
    A great line up with the likes of 'Seventh Star', 'In My Blood' & 'Beyond The Numb' represents the best value re-issue
    & package.

    My thoughts exactly.I guess that Glenn had signed to Japanese label Zero around that time and touring and promoting the likes of 'From Now On', 'Feel' and 'Addiction' would have been prioritized by Glenn over a new Trapeze album. It would have been 'good closure' for the classic Trapeze line up though. Maybe Trapeze did some demos around this time?

    Really hope that the late,great Cozy Powell's' drum sound gets the sonic treatment it deserves. If you've still got the unmixed masters Mr Tom Galley,please crank the guitars up too.

    What does the 12 inch mix of 'Still The Night' sound like?
    Is it radically different i.e more guitars?

    I heard from a fan who's spoken at length to Tom Galley recently.
    The probability of potential live Phenomena gigs are being negotiated on a better footing.

    I am personally going to give Glenn's music of Pimple-dom tour a body swerve.
    The show in North London with Joey Bananas guesting was as good as it is going to get.
    Same set,nothing adventurous to draw me in.
    Unless that is JJ Marsh gets back on Glenn's payroll!

    I would be more excited by a Phenomena live show..multi media props etc
    sympathetic to Tom Galley's original idea.
    As JJ played on a more recent Phenomena cd, JJ would be an ideal choice on guitar.

    Phenomena Anthology due June 2019.

    This release includes an alternate (12 inch mix of 'Still The Night')
    I presume this is the same mix that came out on vinyl back in '85?
    I have never heard it by the way.
    Is it radically different from the original studio cut?
    Is it more Rock flavoured with more Guitars and less Keyboards (ever the optimist!)?

    This Anthology set features some long out of print tunes like 'Assassins Of The Night'.
    I presume it is the same mix as before?
    As I alluded too in an earlier post,it would be great to get the versions where Mel Galley handles lead vocals (demos)
    These are surely worthy of an official release?
    A Phenomena Box set with all the remixes new (21 Century) and old are put together in one place for the fans wanting to get their fill of this great project.

    Just needs Tom Galley to put a Phenomena Concert together with Glenn Hughes involved.

    The mixes on Cozy's cassettes all these years on really make the case for a more 'Rock' mix on certain songs.'Kiss Of Fire' 'Still The Night' 'Phoenix Rising' 'Hell On Wheels'.

    Mel's (guide?) vocals are great by the way.If the masters are lost/unavailable then surely with 21st Century technology especially on 'Kiss Of Fire' which is an instrumental on Cozy's cassette mix,Glenn could either 'phone in' a new lead vocal or blend in/overlay on top of the original 1985 master?

    Archive CD of unreleased Hughes/Thrall?..that'll do nicely!

    Hughes Turner Project Live at The Astoria 2002? (Surely 2003?)
    I saw a terrific clip of 'Seventh Star' by HTP posted by Coast To Coast on You Tube.
    It nearly looked like a pro shot with good sound and visual.Any chance of the full show coming out on DVD?