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    After the D.D tour,I would prefer a new Glenn Hughes solo album & tour. On tour Glenn can dip into his solo catalogue along with Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall, Iommi/Hughes, Phenomena, & Gary Moore collaborations.

    Absoluta-blinking-lutley Galleyfan. An authorised archive release of unreleased Hughes/Thrall material would be a dream come true for me.

    A few years back,I was lucky to see An Evening With Glenn Hughes, in Cannock, Staffs.

    Nicky Horne was the MC for the evening and was very personable.

    Glenn played a small selection of tunes with Keyboardist, Anders Olinder.

    We were treated to a preview of a 'work in progress' movie -'The MK3 Story-Lay Down Stay Down'.

    Some great interviews, especially the one with Roadie 'Magnet'.

    Some unreleased music too:

    A cover of 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' with Glenn singing.

    I'm not sure if Ritchie was on guitar though?

    Are there any updates on the movie?

    Simon F

    Pat & Glenn wrote so well together.

    It would be appreciated if the demos for the second album got cleaned up and released.

    I heard 'You Were Always There' & 'Still The Night' online.

    I so wish that Glenn and Pat would play some UK dates as it is the 40th Anniversary

    of the classic debut.

    Wow, I've never noticed this edition, with 'Song For You'. Thank you for posting..

    Hughes/Thrall would be the top of my list.

    What is your favourite Phenomena album ?. My favourite is Phenomena, which was released in 1985 and the latest one called Psychofantasy.


    The debut album is my favourite. I would like an authorized remix, from the original master tapes. It would sound so much better if a remix would lose the mid 80's reverb, back the keyboards off a little, turn the guitar up significantly and get the drums sounding drier, and more natural.

    I was reading the sleeve notes to the Rock Candy edition of H/T.

    Pat Thrall said the master tapes were lost.

    Pat wishes he could have remixed the album to and lose the 80's reverb wash.

    The still unreleased tracks that are still up online, deserve a sonic upgrade and packaged in a Hughes/Thrall boxset.

    Man this album is so good!!!! Played it Sat on a car trip heading back from Vegas. It's been awhile since I last listened to it all the way through. It hasn't aged or gotten cheesy at all. It's one of the first GH albums I bought when I became a GHCP in 98. I had to listen to Time Will Find the Answer in the gym again tonight and just got goose bumps. The singing is awesome, the guitar playing is awesome, the production, songs- thumbs up.


    I picked up the recent Rock Candy edition. The album has aged well. I've always enjoyed 'Still The Night' & the title track. 'Good Man Shining' is an overlooked cut.

    If you haven't got the individual CDs, this is a welcome collection of all Glenn's lead vocals features, on the Phenomena releases over the years.
    Some may quibble over the running order as it lurches from one decade to the next and all points in-between?
    To my ears the original mix of the Debut has dated severely.
    I would like to a proper remix from the Original Masters of the debut.
    A natural 'Rock' sound on the drums instead of tiny 'egg box' snare.
    Something to honour the memory of the late Cozy Powell.
    Turn the Keyboards down to a sensible level and turn the guitars up!
    Cut back on the over-powering overall reverb wash over the whole mix too.
    The 'Still The Night' 'remix' sounds like someone fooling around on Audacity,
    and not much else.