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    The new Ozzy single Under the Graveyard is out now. First new Ozzy record in years. Co-written by Andrew Watt, who also produced the song (and the coming album) and plays the guitar. Drums by Chad Smith. Great sound. That must become a very succesful album in UK en USA.
    Andrew did a great job. Keep on rocking!

    Huge fan of HTP 2. Great album. I’m waiting for a vinyl release of this. Classic album.
    HTP was a great project, I think. Two superb singers together, good songs (mix between Beatles and Led Zeppelin). Huge underrated. A pity because HTP deserves a lot more appreciation. Rock On

    Old California Breed guitar player Andrew Watt has become a huge star in the music in USA the last few years. He had 5 Grammy nominations and won these year one Grammy. As a songwriter, guitar player and producer he had multiple number one hit albums in America, with alternative rapper Post Malone and singer Lana Del Rey for instance. Also he worked on some huge hits for his girlfriend Rita Ora.

    At the moment Andrew is writing songs, playing guitar and producing the new Ozzy album in the Abbey Road studios. Chad Smith is drumming on that record.

    So, the guy is doing very well, only 28 years old and already a big shot.

    Andrew: Keep on rocking!

    The rumours were right: glad to know it for sure know. After two years of Classic Deep Purple Live songs, time for something new.

    Dead Daisies is a great band. I’ve seen them live with Marco, also a great bass player. Glenn is a bass player in the same high-class division. But most of all Glenn is a much better singer than former singer John Corabi.

    Glenn Hughes and Doug Aldrich together again. Great to look forward to.

    The song Miracle Man is on the Lizards cd Reptilicus Maximus, released October 2015.
    I don’t know when and where they recorded the song. But the cd is still for sale on the internet (cheap).

    I ordered the three above mentioned solo classics and I will receive them this week. I bought them at and Burning Japan and The Way it is are now sold out.

    But I’m sure you can get the Glenn solo vinyl albums also on Amazon and others!

    On the Label RockClassics US there a now 7 Glenn Hughes albums on coloured vinyl, including Burning Japan, Feel, The Way It is and others.

    As I know these editions are limited.

    Be fast if you want to catch some of these gems!

    I don’t know how they sound but I gonna order some. After all thes years for the first time on lp.

    I hope they bring also the Iommi DEP sessions and HTP2 on lp.

    Let’s rock!

    A lot of Purple related tours are going on in 2019. Were are you going to, or looking for:
    Mine are:

    Graham Bonnet Band (March)
    Maybe Don Airey and band (not sure yet because I’ve seen him a lot of times the last years).
    Lachy Doley (May): amazing player, looking forward to this.
    Rainbow I’ve seen last year in Berlin: this year to far away unfortunately.
    Maybe Purpendicular with Ian Paice.
    Doogie White when he comes to Holland.
    GLENN when he comes to Holland.
    Deep Purple for sure when they tour again.
    Maybe CoreLeoni (with Ronnie Romero).
    A lot of great things are going on: looking forward to it: and you, my fellow GLENN fans: wat is your list for 2019?

    I’ve been to the show in Zoetermeer last Friday. The venue was already sold out for three months. I (and my rockbuddy)met the band and Glenn in the afternoon and had the chance to to hang out a bit with Ash and Mike.
    Ash is a very nice guy and extremely talented. His solo in You Fool No One was a real highpoint of the show. Amazing what he did on such a small drumkit. One of the best drummers Glenn ever had (and I’ve seen a lot of Glenn shows).
    After the show he gave his sticks to my buddy Theo (who can play drums himself) and Ash showed us some magic tricks with his sticks.
    Amazing afternoon and show thanx to Glenn (Jimmy his PA), Ash, Mike and of course Soren.
    The show: they did the usual setlist, minus one: Burn was the encore.
    What a great show.

    Personally I think Pontus was doing very well. He is no Ian Paice, but there is only one Ian Paice: the master himself, the best rock drummer ever.
    Pontus can play Deep Purple and Rainbow stuff: he is now the drummer in the band of JLT and they play a lot of Purple stuff.

    Of course I’m looking forward to the Classic Deep Purple shows in the Netherlands. Glenn is superb and I like to hear how Ash Sheehan is doing the songs.