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    I have been last saterday 5th June to a Dutch Ronnie James Dio memorial in Tilburg, Holland. Several Dutch musicians and singers did great Dio songs from the Rainbow period and Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell and Dio time. And the last number was his big number one hit in the Netherlands Love is All! There was also a great video-show with nice (and some very emotional) pictures of Ronnie.
    A great tribute to the little man with the big voice!
    A part of the money goes to the Stand Up And Shout cancer fund.
    Long live Dio! :thumbup:

    Very good news from Glenn. I hope the band will get a lot of media attention. I am looking forward for a lot of Black Country Communion in the magazines and on radio tv and internet. Let's rock!

    Also very nice to see Glenn make the RJD handsign. The voice of rock salutes the voice of metal. Friends forever! :thumbup:

    I am for al long time a guest on this forum. just as a reader. this is the first time I write something on it. I've been a Purple and Hughes fan (and Rainbow and Sabbath etc.) for a long time. I have seen Glenn, together with my mate Theo several times. The last time in Germany, also with my girlfriend Kim, we have seen a superb unplugged show.
    I hope Glenn soon will come again to Holland. The dutch fans are waiting. Keep on rocking Glenn.
    And also: God bless you Ronnie James Dio, RIP, dear friend!