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    Black Country Communion: Our new supergroup. After all these years Glenn is still on the absolute top. Not only as a singer and bassplayer but definately also as a songwriter, composer ans inspirator.

    His old band Deep Purple are touring for years and years (and they are still a good live-band), but they seem to have difficulties with recording a proper album.

    Glenn made many albums of a very high level and the coming Black Country Album, will be one of te best. Thanx a lot Glenn, Cheers :thumbup:

    Hi M., I have never seen Glenn play live with that drummer. On which album does he play? I hope Glenn will have Rudy Sarzo back on bassguitar (as Dio is over unfortunately). An other good option is Marco Mendoza again! Two great bass players :thumbup:

    Sorry Mickey, I mean that NOT GLENN but DAVID will take Rudy Sarzo or Marco Mendoza back on bassguitar. Glenn himselve is the best rock bass player ever for me (and of course THE VOICE OF ROCK). Cheers :thumbup:

    In the summer 2010 issue of Classic Rock magazine there is a big Cover Story about Ronnie James Dio (Metal greatest singer remembered). Tributes by Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and of course Glenn Hughes and more!

    Also looking forward to the Heaven and Hell Dio tribute with Glenn on the 24th of July 2010.

    A superb collectors edition :thumbup:

    Jorn Lande, the greaat singer who did the vocals on The Snakes, sounding like an angry young DC. He also sang with Glenn (and others) on Nostradamus. He did songs like burn and stormbringer. He is a Dio fan for many years and recorded the Dio tribute album before Ronnie was getting ill. The album will come out next month (with Song for Ronnie James).

    I hope he will also play al lot of Purple and Dio stuff on his upcoming European tour this autumn. You can see this great singer in some small venues, like three shows in Holland in October. One of this three shows is in a club, well known by Glenn fans: the 9th October 2010 in de Kade in Zaandam. Let's Rock :thumbup:

    Dear Glenn,
    I have just read on twitter the sad news that your friend and spiritual adviser Mike is very ill. I am sending good vibrations to Mike and you.
    It must be a very difficult time for you, after losing your friends Ronnie and Andrew, now your friend Mike is very ill.
    You were my hero in the early seventies and you are still my hero.
    I have deep respect for you that you stay always positive also in these difficult times. And that you are spreading your wonderfull music over the world to your dedicated fans. God bless you Glenn. Your fans are with you :thumbup:

    I hope some money goes to the Stand up and shout fund. But also it is very good that young music students get the opportunity to get in touch with the hard rock roots: To learn about the legend Dio. When the teacher is also a very great singer (different than Dio, but great) then I hope it will be a great experience for them.

    Mascot records, The company that will release Black Country Communion (in Europe) is not really a big record company. They have some great namens like Don Airey, Joe Bonamassa and Leslie West. They also release vinyl records. I hope that Black Country (the album) also will get a vinyl edition.
    But : Will the record get a good distribution by such a small company? I really hope Black Country will be a very big hit, worldwide. Therefore it good that it not only to buy in specialised hardrock stores, but also in regular stores. We want Black Country (the record) in the charts:thumbup: