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    I hope some money goes to the Stand up and shout fund. But also it is very good that young music students get the opportunity to get in touch with the hard rock roots: To learn about the legend Dio. When the teacher is also a very great singer (different than Dio, but great) then I hope it will be a great experience for them.

    Mascot records, The company that will release Black Country Communion (in Europe) is not really a big record company. They have some great namens like Don Airey, Joe Bonamassa and Leslie West. They also release vinyl records. I hope that Black Country (the album) also will get a vinyl edition.
    But : Will the record get a good distribution by such a small company? I really hope Black Country will be a very big hit, worldwide. Therefore it good that it not only to buy in specialised hardrock stores, but also in regular stores. We want Black Country (the record) in the charts:thumbup:

    It must be very difficult and emotional for Glenn to do the tribute concert next weekend. After Ronnie he lost another great friend, Andy. R.I.P. Ronnie and Andy!
    Glenn, I wish you a lot of strengt in this difficult time. God bless you!
    Let your music do the talking!

    I just read on Joe Siegler's Black Sabbath forum that there are some rumours that the 60 minutes (!) tribute show will be recorded for cd or dvd. That would be nice. Especially when the money goes to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout cancer fund.

    I agree, to JohnH. Glenn does various styles and he all does them very good. That's why it's so great to be a Glenn fan. But my favourite style by Glenn is rock. So we are gonna rock this september. Glenn: thanks a lot.:)

    According to the review of the debut album of Black Country Communion it must be epic. One of the best debut albums by a band ever made! That sounds great. Hardly can't wait till september. I hope they will promote this record with a big tour!
    It would also be nice, for us collectors, if there will be a vinyl edition next to the regular cd version.:thumbup:

    There is now also an official Black Country Communion Logo. Glenn has worked on this and it lookes very good. Great logo's (for instance ACDC or Rainbow) are nice and looking cool on an album cover or t-shirt or poster!
    So let's rock BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION :)

    wow. I am really looking forward to this record. I like the Black Country Communion logo a lot. Nice work Glenn!
    In his last twitter message Glenn is talking about big news in the coming week.
    Will it be the announcement of a BCC world tour?
    That would be great.
    Let's rock and roll, Glenn! :thumbup:

    For me are the Deep Purple Trilogy: Burn, Stormbringer and Come taste the band are essential albums. In that period they where the best selling band in the world!
    The Hughes-Thrall album and Black Sabbath's Seventh Star are also classic stuff.
    His solo albums are very divers. For instance: From Now On is great, also The Way It Is (underrated) and Songs In The Key of Rock (very basic and with a live feel).
    The Iommi Dep sessions is great and also HTP2 (two great singers for the price of one, in my opinion).

    For me is You keep on moving one of the best Glenn songs ever! The duo singing of Glenn and David is great. The bassline in this number sounds very good.The Come taste the band album is from 1975, but now in 2010 still a timeless classic. Tommy Bolin's guitar playing was in that time far ahead at his time.

    Looking forward to the special edition of this album, mixed by super producer Kevin Shirley with our main man Glenn!

    For me is Seventh Star one of the best albums ever made. On the same level as Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band. These three Deep Purple albums together with Sabbath's Seventh Star, belong to the Upper High Class HardRock Standard. Superb!

    These four albums are featuring Glenn in absolute top form. And an absolute top album only contains good songs. Seventh Star is from beginning to end Glenntastic.

    For the poll I picked In for the kill,for the enormous power of that song. Timeless! Also a big thanx to riffmeister Tony and drumbeast Eric Singer!

    I have been last saterday 5th June to a Dutch Ronnie James Dio memorial in Tilburg, Holland. Several Dutch musicians and singers did great Dio songs from the Rainbow period and Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell and Dio time. And the last number was his big number one hit in the Netherlands Love is All! There was also a great video-show with nice (and some very emotional) pictures of Ronnie.
    A great tribute to the little man with the big voice!
    A part of the money goes to the Stand Up And Shout cancer fund.
    Long live Dio! :thumbup:

    Very good news from Glenn. I hope the band will get a lot of media attention. I am looking forward for a lot of Black Country Communion in the magazines and on radio tv and internet. Let's rock!

    Also very nice to see Glenn make the RJD handsign. The voice of rock salutes the voice of metal. Friends forever! :thumbup:

    Hi friends out there. If it is in Brazil or US or England or Holland Let's rock. We are waiting and looking foreward to a lot of Glenn Hughes music!
    cheers :)

    I mean: Let's get a GLOBAL Glenn Hughes treatment!