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    Exceptional good. Great song by the Purps. In this longer version Ian Paice shows his amazing drumtechnique, very funky. This song Homeward Strut is from Tommy Bolin’s album Teaser and fits Deep Purple MK IV very well.

    Last weekend I’ve seen Ian Paice for the fourth time this year (with Purpendicular this time) and he is still amazing good and still has that groove :thumbup:

    Ash Sheehan is the drummer who played on the last Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live tour (a big part of that tour).

    His style is close to seventies Ian Paice style (especially Stormbringer and Come taste the band en PAL : rock with funk and jazz influences).

    He also plays on Tony Iommi Scent Of Dark (instrumental song 2021).

    Great Drummer. Take a listen a YouTube :thumbup:

    Holy Ground is a better album and had overall more positive reviews. Radiance (excellent title song) is a step down and had also some not so good reviews in Europe.

    I don’t like the sound that this producer created on these albums (full force and hardly any light and dark). I think when Glenn would have done the production himself, the albums would be much better.

    Live it was great: the songs (mainly Holy Ground but also Radiance title song) sounded much better live than studio.

    For the near future: I think The Dead Daisies sound is too limited for Glenn. I think next year he will go on to other adventures: BCC V, maybe Burn 50th tour or maybe recording of a new solo record :)

    BCC V would be better as a third Dead Daisies album (more diverse), but personally I would like to hear Glenn with a new solo album.

    BCC would be only the album and maybe a few live shows (or no shows at all) as Joe has a very busy touring scedule himself.

    Glenn also had a tweet about the recording of Burn (next year 50 years ago) and that it will be celebrated. A Burn 50th tour, where he plays the whole album would be nice and great to look forward to. Let’s see what’s gonna happen :)

    Michael: Ronnie Romero and Dino Jelusick are two multi functional young singers in the tradition of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake.

    Ronnie R. was a his best with Rainbow (singing the Dio stuff) and Dino: A good stand in for Coverdale during the recent Whitesnake tour: He was the guy who sang the high vocal lines (when Coverdale pointed his mike to the audience).

    Dead Daisies: What I heard was that he did a great job as temporary stand in for Glenn.

    For me personal: Glenn is something special: The best hardrock singer in the world (at that age is amazing) and a superb bass player. So thanks to Dino, but Great if Glenn is back for the US Tour.

    For the fans in the USA: go and see the Diasies during the coming tour. Together with Glenn the band is extra special and much better than on the studio recordings: a must see:thumbup:

    jerklund: what I mean by “melodic” is “more melodic” en less gothic and doomy than a lot on the Higher Ground album.

    Shine On sounds lighter, more like we know from old school Daisies.

    Holy Ground has some very good songs on it, like Bustle and Flow, My Fate and Far Away, but I don’t like the production a lot (compressed guitars, and very thick with hardly openings). The album could be much better, when Glenn produced it. In fact the songs from Holy Ground sounded live (I was in Bochum Germany, last month) much better and more open than on the album. Very good songs indeed.

    The two songs, so far from the new album seem to have a more open sound (on my phone that is). I’ve seen Glenn en Doug also with acoustic guitars on some clips that David posted: so I hope the new album will sound better, more open and more diverse (more dark and light) on it 8)

    Shine On: up tempo and more kind of old school Daisies style. Radio friendly. Getting better each time I listen to it. Great tune. Brian’s drums fit very good in this song. Doug’s guitar is less darker here, but melodic and powerful. David is riffing like a madman and Glenn lays down a solid bassline and melodic vocals: Shine On :)

    Radiance is a very good song during the European concerts. The audience reacts very enthusiastic at this song. It fits very well in the setlist. Heavy sound (Doug playing a sort of Iommi riff, but more modern), but also groovy and melodic.

    Glenn’s singing in that number is more melodic (introspective?) and not with full power. Very good.

    The sound of the studio version sounds also good : more open sounding like the heavy songs on the Resonate album and not so compressed like Holy Ground (as far I can hear from YouTube).

    Very promising for the new album (August release, told Glenn during the Bochum concert).

    It’s promising what the European shows with Whitesnake will bring for Glenn and The Dead Daisies: As we all can see and hear is David struggling with the high pitch vocals and Glenn is like a force of nature getting better with the years: Maybe a version of Burn together? (David and Glenn both singing their own lines, would be nice) 8)

    The show in Bochum was superb.

    The gig was at the Matrix, a old industrial factory building with a gothic atmosphere.

    Perfect for the Dead Daisies and Holy Ground.

    The opener was Unspoken from the Holy Ground album and it was directly clear: the sound was superb: loud but crystal clear (great guy behind the mixing desk). Each instrument could be heard perfectly. Most of all: Glenn’s voice was amazing.

    This was about my 20th Glenn Hughes (involved) concert and his voice seems to get better and better.

    The party went on with a older song: Rise Up and that was what the crowd did. Party time.

    One of the highlights of the evening was the new song Radiance: Doug was heavy riffing on this song and Glenn’s voice and grooving bass brought this song even higher. If this will be the standard for the new album: it will be even better than the last one.

    Bustle and Flow and The dark and moody My Fate where two other major highpoints of this concert.

    Deep Purple’s Mistreated was a welcome bluesy intermezzo in the show with again the excellent voice of rock Glenn Hughes. The covers Fortunate Son en Midnight Moses brought the party to a point of no return.

    Holy Ground was the powerfull conclusion of the regular set.

    The encores where the excellent Daisies oldie Long way to go, starting with the enthousiastic riffing of David Lowy (the guy is really having big fun on stage) and the furious Burn. In Burn Glenn singing is superb again, the line “ The true and only Voice Of Rock.

    Dead Daisies rule, for sure!

    The setlist on the photo is Doug’s list of the Bochum show :)143FA61E-6DF1-41E7-9749-F8C01AA857B3.png