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    The two new songs (previously unreleased) seem to be Glenn Hughes songs (they are from the last recordings sessions, the press statement says).

    The two songs are: The Healer and Let It Set You Free (sounds like Glenn song titles to me).

    Hope these last two Glenn songs for the Daisies are great tunes :thumbup:

    On june 2nd there will be some more Glenn and Dead Daisies: release of Best Of Dead Daisies album on vinyl and 2CD. With some Glenn songs on it and 2 previously unreleased bonus songs (don’t know if the bonus songs are with Glenn).

    For fans of the Daisies plus Glenn this is a nice bonus :)

    Lesser known stuff would also be Burn songs like Lay Down Stay Down, What’s Going On Here and A 200.

    I thought that this was the intention, to play the whole Burn album live :)

    According to a magazine called Rock & Thunder there will be in February 2024 in the Royal Albert Hall a live performance of Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball.

    It is, according to a German Deep Purple fan site, confirmed by Roger Glover.

    Lot’s of very famous musicians are contributing with Roger Glover to this concert: Steve Winwood, Pete York, Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, Pink, David Gilmour, Ian Gillan and of course Glenn Hughes.

    Together with the London Symfony Orchestra, conducting by Paul Mann.

    Titel of the event: “Butterfly Ball-the 50th Anniversary, Celebrating Ronnie James Dio and Eddie Harding”

    Interesting :)

    Here is my solo list:

    1. The boy can play the blues

    2. Shake the ground

    3. Big time

    4. Coffee and vanilla

    5. Talk about it

    6. The way it is

    7. Neverafter

    8. Stoned in the temple

    9. Take you down

    10. Gone

    11. Soul Mover

    12. Steppin on

    13. My town

    14. Flow

    15. Let it shine.

    Favourite albums: Blues, Feel, The way it is and Resonate :)

    Glenn said Burn tour 2023-2024 I believe. So I think Daisies is definately done.

    BCC: for me only the first two albums are very good. BCC V nice: but better a new solo album with Ash Sheehan as drummer (that guy is good) :)

    Personally I think Glenn’s time with the Daisies is over. The sound of this band is too limited for his talents and diverse styles of music.

    What’s next: For sure there will be BCC V (Glenn has already tweeted about this). Maybe a few tourdates after the album (as Joe is too busy with his solo tours).

    In the Fall we will probably get an extended Burn Anniversary tour. I hope he will play the whole album live including gems like Lay Down Stay Down and What’s Going On Here. Looking forward to it :)

    Holy Ground is definately the winner. Better songs with a kinda gothic feel. Got only positive reviews (a lot) in Europe. I think this will be the Daisies highest point with Glenn: after this it only can go downward. I think the magic is over now.

    Time for something different :)

    According to growing rumours on the internet, Glenn is out of the Dead Daisies.

    Glenn has in the last week mostly tweeted about BCC. I think Dead Daisies with Glenn is over and BCC is on again (album and short tour?) :thumbup:

    I’ve seen a German show this summer (Holy Ground tour and debut Radiance single) and it was very good. Better than expected and definately better than the studio versions.

    On the other hand I don’t see Glenn playing for years in this band because it is also to limited for his talents.

    We, the hardcore fans, also want to hear him play rock in a combination with funk and soul :thumbup:

    Exceptional good. Great song by the Purps. In this longer version Ian Paice shows his amazing drumtechnique, very funky. This song Homeward Strut is from Tommy Bolin’s album Teaser and fits Deep Purple MK IV very well.

    Last weekend I’ve seen Ian Paice for the fourth time this year (with Purpendicular this time) and he is still amazing good and still has that groove :thumbup: