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    The show in Bochum was superb.

    The gig was at the Matrix, a old industrial factory building with a gothic atmosphere.

    Perfect for the Dead Daisies and Holy Ground.

    The opener was Unspoken from the Holy Ground album and it was directly clear: the sound was superb: loud but crystal clear (great guy behind the mixing desk). Each instrument could be heard perfectly. Most of all: Glenn’s voice was amazing.

    This was about my 20th Glenn Hughes (involved) concert and his voice seems to get better and better.

    The party went on with a older song: Rise Up and that was what the crowd did. Party time.

    One of the highlights of the evening was the new song Radiance: Doug was heavy riffing on this song and Glenn’s voice and grooving bass brought this song even higher. If this will be the standard for the new album: it will be even better than the last one.

    Bustle and Flow and The dark and moody My Fate where two other major highpoints of this concert.

    Deep Purple’s Mistreated was a welcome bluesy intermezzo in the show with again the excellent voice of rock Glenn Hughes. The covers Fortunate Son en Midnight Moses brought the party to a point of no return.

    Holy Ground was the powerfull conclusion of the regular set.

    The encores where the excellent Daisies oldie Long way to go, starting with the enthousiastic riffing of David Lowy (the guy is really having big fun on stage) and the furious Burn. In Burn Glenn singing is superb again, the line “ The true and only Voice Of Rock.

    Dead Daisies rule, for sure!

    The setlist on the photo is Doug’s list of the Bochum show :)143FA61E-6DF1-41E7-9749-F8C01AA857B3.png


    I listened some more to the Holy Ground album the last few weeks. It’s still growing on me. My favourites after some weeks intensive listening are the title song Holy Ground, My Fate, Chosen and Justified, Righteous Days and Far Away. I can hear why Glenn is still the voice of rock.

    The new song Radiance from the new album seems to be even better: Wow 8)

    Reeperbahn Hamburg where the Beatles played a lot in the Starclub, early in their career.

    Now the city where The Dead Daisies doing their rehearsels for the upcoming tour.

    Looking very forward to this tour, after two and a half years of restrictions and lockdowns , it’s time to rock again. Especially looking forward to see Brian behind the drums. Never before seen him live, great drummer :thumbup:

    I really like Radiance. Heavy riffing guitar, like a more groovy doom kind of Sabbath. Good singing by Glenn, with his somewhat softer voice (not full force) that I like a lot.

    Looking forward to the show, in two weeks in Germany. Time to rock again:thumbup:

    I agree that Resonate and Holy Ground have both a very heavy and groovy sound. But for me Resonate is the better album. Very good songs and very diverse, heavy rock with also funk and softer moments.

    I also prefer the production of Resonate more (by Glenn and Soren Anderson): a more open sound. And last but not least: the big difference between these two albums is the hammond sound by master Lachey Doley on Resonate: that is the big plus for me.

    On Holy Ground there are (for me) seven great songs. The production gives a very full and thick sound with two guitarists, but I like more a kind of old school approach production-wise, with a more open sound.

    But there a some excellent songs on Holy Ground which I like to experience live in Europe, next month :)

    At the time of release I was not a huge fan of Holy Ground. The old school Daisies sounded different and I was used to that. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Glenn’s solo work. Resonate is one of my favourite Glenn albums.

    But after listening more to the Dead Daisies Holy Ground album my opinion has changed for the good. This album grew on me a lot. It’s heavier that the older Daisies albums, but better. Glenn’s singing and bass is amazing. So is Doug’s guitar work. Very heavy but melodic and with a great groove in it. Holy Ground, the title song is amazing and so is Bassline (the bass in that song is killer). Bustle and Flow is also amazing (like a heavy Zeppelin song) and there are lots of good songs on this Dead Daisies album: Holy Ground, looking forward to hear it live in Europe in two months :)

    I hope that this tour will go on. Finally it’s time to rock again. Some (USA) bands, like Satriani’s band, are pushing the concert dates to 2023 due to covid restrictions. Why no touring, there are hardly any restrictions in Europe now. So it’s time to rock again.I hope to catch Glenn and his friends in the Matrix in Bochum, Germany. Looking forward to it.

    As a lurker on the German Deepest Purple forum (Snakebite), I’ve read the very sad news, that our long time forum contributor, Yvonne (Lioness) has recently passed away.

    Very, very sad to know that.

    When I started on this forum, a long time ago, Yvonne was one of the first digital friends here on board.

    She posted lots of interesting stuff here on the forum and on the German Forum and the Highway Star.

    A super Deep Purple and Glenn Hughes fan: Yvonne thanks for all you gave this forum and rest in peace: You will be missed here,

    Willem :(

    On the HTP tour I’ve seen Glenn and Joe in Belgium. Especially J.J. Marsh was amazing during that tour. He was on top of his game that period: playing Blackmore and even Iommi songs sounded amazing. In my opinion JJ was the best guitarplayer Glenn worked with in his solo years. Personally I would like to see (and hear) Glenn going back to solo with his own band ( JJ Marsh on guitar and Ash Sheehan on drums would be great).

    According to the website of The Dead Daisies they are playing some festival shows this Summer 2022 in Europe and some shows with Judas Priest (four in Germany) and with Whitesnake.

    From a source near the concert promotor in Holland I heard that the February, March 2022 date in Holland will be rescheduled for 2023 (that’s a long time, hope it doesn’t take that long) :(

    I see Ash Sheehan on the drums (we know him from the Glenn Hughes Deep Purple tour).

    On bass there is Jimmy, bass tech and tour manager for Glenn, I suppose :thumbup:

    PS. Jimmy made my profile photo with Glenn : very friendly guy and also a good bass player :thumbup:

    The March 6 show in Amsterdam has been moved to Haarlem in the Patronaat Hall. The Patronaat in Haarlem NL is a modern concert hall with a capacity of 1000 people. As this is the only show in Holland, I think it will sell out for sure :) Looking forward to it. Like to see the guys live.

    I prefer Glenn solo with his own band because that music is more diverse (rock, funk, soul, blues, ballads), but I sure like to see Glenn with the Daisies live in 2022:thumbup:

    Neil Murray is brilliant indeed. One of the best. Should be on my list. Old Whitesnake (Snakebite to Slide it in) is classic bluesrock.

    For me one of the best bands ever. David Coverdale ruled on these records. A must have:thumbup:

    For me the two best are the first and the second. The production of the first is somewhat thin (Cozy Powell’s drums could have more power), but Glenn’s singing is superb. Best song “Still the Night” :thumbup: