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    Last Wednesday I went to the Glenn show, plays Burn and Classic Deep Purple, in The Boerderij Zoetermeer (near The Hague). First of two sold out shows in The Netherlands.

    Great, well known setlist of Mk III and Mk IV songs. Starting with Stormbringer, good sound, Glenn somewhat low in the mix. Second song Might Just Take Your Live, one of the celebrated Burn album. Great version, feauturing Bob Fritzema (from The Netherlands) on hammond organ. The keys were good upfront in the mix and this guy (Billy Preston fan, as he told me) can play very well. Glenn told during the concert that Bob did a study on Jon Lord’s playing at his music school.

    Third song, for me one of the highlights of the show, was Sail Away, great bass playing by Glenn, very funky and with a lot of feel. By this time, his voice was more up in the mix.

    After these first three songs the band played also some longer songs with lot of improvisation, like Deep Purple did in the time of Made In Europe. In You Fool No One, there was some High Ball Shooter and a sensational long drum solo by Ash Sheehan. Most of the time I don’t like (long) drum solos a rock concerts, but this one was different. Ash is excellent, very creative and powelfull, some tricks inspired by his idol Buddy Rich and influences by Ian Paice and John Bonham. One of the best drummers Glenn ever worked with and this drumsolo was a highpoint in this show.

    You Keep On Moving was the best song of the concert. This version was very close to the one on Last Concert In Japan. Guitarwork by Soren Anderson sounded a lot like Tommy Bolin on this. A great tribute to Tommy by Soren Anderson.

    Mistreated and Getting Tighter were also with long improvisations. Getting Tighter was the better one for me. Very funky and powerfull.

    The last song was Burn and then we went outside again into the Dutch rain.

    Very great show: Thanks a lot to Glenn, Jimi (manager) and the band :)

    I was standing in front, very near to Glenn and made some photo’s. I post one of them by this review.

    Copenhagen: that will be recording with Soren Anderson, isn’t it?
    Resonate, his latest solo album was one of his best in his rich discography.
    I hope this time with Ash Sheehan on drums. A very talented guy and one of the best drummers Glenn worked with:thumbup:

    Very good song. Drum intro reminds me of Gimme All Your Loving, ZZ Top.

    But the Stay Free is great, more modern sound but typical BCC.

    Looking forward to V in june. Will be lp and cd for me, for sure:thumbup:

    The original FTT album on vinyl is expensive. Around € 80,— for a VG copy.

    You can get the CD much cheaper: for around € 10,00.

    It’s worth it (both lp and cd). Very good Glenn singing on this album :)

    Glenn is recording with BCC in studio, since a few days. Derek Sherinian told this on his Facebook page. BCC V is being recorded! Great. Hope they will do a tour next year:thumbup:

    The album is being recorded in the Sunset Sound Studio, Studio 2, with again Kevin Shirley as the producer :thumbup:

    The two new songs (previously unreleased) seem to be Glenn Hughes songs (they are from the last recordings sessions, the press statement says).

    The two songs are: The Healer and Let It Set You Free (sounds like Glenn song titles to me).

    Hope these last two Glenn songs for the Daisies are great tunes :thumbup:

    On june 2nd there will be some more Glenn and Dead Daisies: release of Best Of Dead Daisies album on vinyl and 2CD. With some Glenn songs on it and 2 previously unreleased bonus songs (don’t know if the bonus songs are with Glenn).

    For fans of the Daisies plus Glenn this is a nice bonus :)

    According to a magazine called Rock & Thunder there will be in February 2024 in the Royal Albert Hall a live performance of Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball.

    It is, according to a German Deep Purple fan site, confirmed by Roger Glover.

    Lot’s of very famous musicians are contributing with Roger Glover to this concert: Steve Winwood, Pete York, Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, Pink, David Gilmour, Ian Gillan and of course Glenn Hughes.

    Together with the London Symfony Orchestra, conducting by Paul Mann.

    Titel of the event: “Butterfly Ball-the 50th Anniversary, Celebrating Ronnie James Dio and Eddie Harding”

    Interesting :)