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    I know I am a day early, but wanted to get this out before i forgot (you know how us old folk get :)).

    So have a great day David and a BIG Thank You for everything you do here.

    Enjoy the day and may the coming year be FUNKY beyond all Funky-ness !!!

    I for one am glad to know there will be a name change. Black Country just did not say rock, blues or funk in any way. Whatever the name though, greatness will be attached

    Sounds like a great time John
    I love JK's playing and wish he was doing some gigs here in Florida. He is a brilliant guitarist, and anytime Ed Roth is around the show is even better !!
    Would have liked hearing Chad doing the Cobham groove...

    And I almost forgot to check here today :D
    Wouldn't have forgiven myself missing your birthday Paul
    Happy Birthday my friend, and many, many more :thumbup:
    Have a wonderful remainder of the day and celebrate all weekend long !!!!:claphands

    Glad Glenn will be going out in the UK in September, but the age old question once agian arises:"What about the USA ?" I know it is demographically more difficult to tour her, but considering the sold out crowds every time Glenn plays here I would say it may be time for more shows in the country.
    There are festivals which would be perfect for Glenn here, and in Florida or California alone he could play five or six places easily with minimal travel and sell out every night. Here (Florida) between Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Miami areas he could fill good size venues at least once in each city. Then LA, SF, SD on the West Coast would rock for at least another three or four nights.
    We really are on seat edges waiting for his return to the States

    I always hoped the charges were bogus, but we will never really know. I guess "guilty until proven innocent" has possibly taken someone's reputation and livelihood.

    Frank, you said you were thinking of coming to the UK this year.

    I would suggest the last 2 weeks of July :D ;)

    Currently listening to Next on the album Next by Journey

    It's a work in progress. First need to get the free time and then convince Maggie and see if she can get the time then...may be a much shorter visit than I would like...but...:D

    Have been a huge Dean Fan for many years :bow: His Uriah Heep covers are some of the best in history, and he did artwork for NEARfest for numerous years. Met him one year at that festival and was fortunate enough to get some covers signed.:D My wife, being easier to be around than me, got a whole stack of work signed, including a gorgeous Asia LP cover art litho.

    While on Dean, this announcement:

    URIAH HEEP TO TOUR USA JUNE AND JULY 2010 !! :claphands :claphands

    Confirmed dates are posted on their website, but the one on my calender is June 22 at BB Kings in NYC !!! Ahhh, road trip...maybe get Bill to meet up along with some others :thumbup:

    The problem with the "Supergroup" idea is "What do they play ?". You have Blues, Rock and Funk intertwined and would either have a wonderful collaboration or a huge mess. Personally, I'd d=rather just see Glenn tour with Jeff and Ed and Steve or Chad doing HIS stuff.

    550 POUNDS for ANY book is pretty much out of hand. I have signed first editions of books from some pretty well known authors (Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Barry Eisler) and spent less than $30.00 on them.

    Love ya Glenn, but unless I am getting some Italian adtifacts or illuminated drwings in the package I may have to pass on that one.

    Is there a price for the "regular" edition yet ? And will there be a printing for mass media of the book also ?