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    Have to agree with you Wolfy. Whitesnake IS David Coverdale and there is no way around that. Always remember Conan O'Brien talking about the Guns and Roses reunion years back and saying the band is actually "Chubby Magoo (Axl Rose) and five guys NOT named Slash". These are the things that come to mind when you see so many changes in personel with so many bands. Blue Oyster Cult is Buck and Eric and a conglomeration of artists over the years, and Uriah Heep, though the current incarnation has been around for about 18 years still only has Mick Box from the original Heep. Is Ten Years After legit without Alvin Lee ? There are so many bands that have gone through so much in the way of changes in personel it is getting like professional athletics: brand name survives with different personel all the time.

    LIke seeing Karen Lawrence mentioned in the mix. I remember seeing her many moons ago with 1994 featuring Steve Hunter on Guitar. Also like her more recent Blues albums.

    Wanted to add Sonja Kristina (Curved Air) to the lists above too.

    Another Birthday my friend. Seems like they are coming faster every year.
    Hope you and Lea have a big weekend planned to celebrate (isn't this a milestone year ?).
    Enjoy yourself and remember that LaStala is open for your Birthday pleasantries :D

    So for the first time I almost wish I were still living in Albuquerque. Would be a fairly eay ride and could visit my sister at the same time. Of course no way I could get in anyway, just maybe meet Glenn for lunch while he's there :D

    When will we have a schedule for NYC ? I don't want to make plans and then miss out, and I can't just stay there for four days, it has to be an in and out day/night. Soon as I know I can try and work it out

    Will try and sneak into NYC in September. Will be difficult as usual between work and my house building being completed and moving on the 3rd of September. If at all possible I will be there


    Heaven & Hell have confirmed they are returning to High Voltage Festival with guest vocalists Glenn Hughes and Jorn Lande on Sat 24th July 2010 to perform an exclusive 'Tribute To Ronnie James Dio'. This will be an unmissable emotional tribute to a true rock legend that High Voltage are honoured to be associated with.

    This arrived from High Voltage this AM. What an incredible gig this is shaping up to be.

    Tough to hear and so difficult to understand. We lose so many of the great one's before their time is truly complete. A little man with a big heart and big talent, Ronnie was a rarity in today's world where he was an accessible celebrity and really enjoyed his fans.
    We will all miss you, but the memories live on forever.
    Thanks for giving us all those memories !!