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    I actually inquired with Glenn about whether it was you and he said it was someone else who he knows.
    I did try and call you too, but have a wrong number, so if you get a chance, send me your correct phone number one of these days.
    Of course, knowing you as I do, we know you are always a little "sick" anyhow (Todd feel free to chime in here) :lol:
    Take care and stay well

    Thanks Marie. One of the things I have always cherished about most of my memorabilia is how I got them and being there to get it. Signed boxing glove from Ali and Frazier is a beauty; 2000 MLB All-Star Game signed baseball while on the field in Atlanta; Game puck from 2004 Stanley Cup to name a few.
    One of the best though is still the signed pics of Glenn that Grace brought to NYC in 2007 and the band signed for a select few people. A night at BB Kings which I will NEVER forget, thanks to all the great people from this board who made it special.

    Good time for me to chime in.
    I have LOADS of signed things that some people would pay ridiculous numbers to have; though we are talking mostly sports memorabilia with me. I have never and never will sell any of my items, and many are just in safe deposit boxes as I don't want to take any chance at them being damaged. Most of my items are "To Frank", but a few are not, and I could probably fund a nice retirement on them alone (Baseball w/ 32 HoFers on it including Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Christy Matthewson, Lou Gehrig...).
    As Bill said, it is the memory brought back when you got that signature or picture, not the item itself that has value. Passing these types down through your family is a way to keep the spirit alive (as obviously I would never have met Cy Young) and memories of great times always in your head.
    It is always great to remember where you were at a time in history that millions saw from afar, and you have a tiemless piece to always remember that you were there.

    Would love something in Florida of course. It's been quite a while since Velvet Sessions in Orlando and was able to drive and see GH. But I will get on the plane again if need be; but something tells me we get a show here this year (just a hunch and NO knowledge of that)

    I hear you guys clamoring for a Euro "proper" tour, but here in the USA we are lucky to get a show or two every couple to three years; and they are usually in LA and/or New York. At some point it would be real nice to not have to fly cross country, rent a car and room for two nights to see Glenn. Then if you want to see multiple shows you end up flying BACK across the country.

    I know the logistics and economics of touring America are incredibly complicated, and it probably costs more to do two shows here than a full UK Tour; so I cannot blame G for not touring more extensively. Sure I WANT a US Tour, but to do so would be a bad fit for Glenn with all the difficulties that come with playing here.

    Oh you mean this thing on the internet ;)…nhams-tour.html

    You can't believe everything you read on the internet :p you should know that by now :D

    Oh how true David. Seems like everyone is leaving everyone if you spent enough time online.
    And, IF (and that is a big IF) Jason were to leave, it isn't like there aren't any qualified drummers who would jump at the chance (Bobby Rondinelli for one, and Vinny Appice for another).

    It is so wonderful to see Glenn bring recognized for Glenn Hughes : THE MAN and not just as a musician.
    Any Children's Charity is deserving of our help and people who give time and money to these causes are in a group all their own.
    I work with a few of these Charities here, and it has been very difficult to continue to raise money with our economic woes. We managed to raise over $150,000 for a CHildren's Hospital this Spring, and our Christmas Fund is about $5,000.00 short of it's goal where we feed 150 or more needy families and put a toy under evry child's tree. It is just tough when the economy is weak and people are worried about themselves due to that. When someone like Glenn puts his time and effort into such a worthy charitable organization I know the sacrifice and really am proud and glad that he is recognized for this.
    Thanks G for all you do

    I am hopeful they will be interested in palying festivals. I am involved with one here in Florida which is the first weekend in June and draws very well (over 40,000 for Saturday and Sunday last year). We have had Foreigner, Mountain, Greg Allman and many others in the past and supports All Children's Hospital. So there was my plug if anyone is listening :)

    Love the BCC album, but agree with Todd on how to do it.
    Glenn's latest few solo albums have been excellent, and Bonamassa has put out too many wonderful recordings to put the solo career on hold.
    So...continue the solo careers, but a good sized BCC tour with solo numbers worked in would be the best

    At least with potential BCC dates we have a shot to see something from Glenn here in the USA :D
    JB is touring extensively here in December, so I would hope he does the same thing with BCC, especially the multiple Florida dates :claphands since I am really getting tired of plane rides and expensive hotel rooms anytime I want to see Glenn perform.

    So guys, do the UK gigs but don't forget us over here

    That is just so sad about Harry :( I am very attached to my older cats and my dog that I don't know what I would do if I lost one like you. The new additions will be wonderful companions, but never a substitute for "The Original".
    Miss not chatting with you lately, I am so busy during the Spring to early Fall I hardly ever get here.
    Take care
    As for names, I have neamed mine after Hockey Players no matter the sex, so Craig Billington (RIP), Jon Klemm and Vincent Damphousse were the names of mine. I think Bernie would be good for one no matter male or female