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    I think part of the reason for it being much quieter here IS the use of Twitter and Facebook for so much communication. While I check this Forum at least daily, I do not post nearly as much as in the past.
    For me, the reason I am quiet is that nothing is happening in The USA and I, for one, have little to care about with Russian, Bulgarian and UK dates and happenings. If you notice this Board lights up every time a few US shows are announced, yet we get the short end of the touring stick. This is, as David has explained, and I know personally, because of the extreme costs in doing a US Tour compared to UK or crossing Europe. Everyone has their hands in the pot here, and you are jumping through more hoops than you'd ever believe to do a tour.
    With that said, I still think the US fan base deserves more than some signings and NAMM performances and an occasional LA gig with a host of other performers. Maybe more exposure woul;d make it more profitable to do more US shows.
    I deal with large budgets and salaries and contracts on a daily basis, and quite frankly, security costs, Union hires and all the logistics are more difficult for a one-off event than for an entire season for me. We put 40,000+ into a Stadium 81 times a year with little hassle, but try and do a huge concert at the same stadium and it is a nightmare.
    SO while I see this being quieted on my end for that particular reason, I still believe that social media has changed the way we perceive people, celebrities and others in general. Glenn is always tweeting or FBing to his fan base, and is reaching more and more people every day. I know I wouldn't be able to answer 15,000 people regularly, yet he does try.
    So G, know from me that quiet time has nothing to do with how we feel, just about how we communicate.

    She had a wonderful voice, but I cannot call her a 'Star", since Stars shine no matter what, and that she could not do. Just another swallowed by the greed and allure of the spotlight.

    I guess I would be remiss if I didn't add my "How about the USA" 2 cents here. If you see how the board lights up for US Dates being announced, you certainly can see how popular Glenn is here. These signings and shows are nice, but they are for a small number of FANS and more publicity oriented. I know I speak for many of us who have traversed the country, and others who have crossed Oceans to see Glenn perform, in saying "USA, USA, USA". We want YOU G !! We want to see YOU perform YOUR music for 90 or so minutes with your band.
    Thousands here love ya, and we all want to show you just how much we enjoy the music in our "own backyards".

    The face on Slash when listening to G do his solos was priceless. It looked like he was in awe...I know I was. I've said many times before that we always focus on the voice and forget just how brilliant of a bassist Glenn is. I was bowled over more than once :bow:

    There are certain bands/artists/songs that should NEVER be covered. Who can replicate Glenn's voice, Blackmore's guitar, Freddie's range, Rush's intricacies ? Not enough who have even got the chance to do it, so just stay away. Recently saw some bands who tried covering Boston, Rush and Sabbath, and all it did was make me laugh. You may like the tune, but please don't butcher something that is a work of art.

    Yes Willem, it is getting a little annoying actually. I really think some acoustic shows, even just around LA would work and sell out in no time. Part of the enjoyment of Glenn's shows is the intimacy and camaraderie between him and his fans. Though I missed the BCC shows, I doubt that that whole scene was like a solo gig.
    Just sayin', we really need more US shows.

    JLT is touring US with what looks like the old "Voices of Classic Rock" Will be in St Pete June 4th and I grabbed 1st Row seats. Should rock

    Ouch!! You gotta do what you gotta do, Frank :thumbup:

    Still, by the time you get to see them they should be up to speed & iron out any blips in their performance ;)

    PS I don't seem to remember there being any oysters left for anyone else ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) :lol:

    Bill has always reminded me of that, so I have to throw a dig his way :D
    How are you and Jayne doing these days ?? Would love running across you one day soon

    Well, I got the whole Seattle trip ironed out and was headed to see you all in DC, but hit the final snag :mad:
    The FSL All-Star Game is that weekend in Clearwater, and guess who HAS to be there from Thursday through Sunday :( I love baseball and my work, but that was one weekend i would rather be doing something else.
    So have a good time ladies and gentlemen, and if you come across the Captain or the Philly Guys, buy them each a drink and see what the term "Loads of fun" really means :D Just NO OYSTERS :p

    Thanks Marie. I would try and do more, but the travel is always very difficult for me. I actually may be scheduled in Washington that weekend which would make life very sweet

    Not to worry, he has his marked :p More soon apparently (unofficailly for now) :p :cool1:

    That is certainly good to hear.
    New Hampshire and Indianapolis so far, and I just don't know.
    As much as I would like to make these trips, it is really hard to stare at plane, rental car, hotel, etc. to go to New Hampshire overnight. Indianapolis is "Live Nation", so there is no chance due to my personal disdain for the "convenience charge" which I refuse to pay. This is the reason my concert-going has been greatly reduced over the past few years.
    As much as I have traveled in the past to see Glenn, if there isn't something more reachable I may have to miss this one. I've done LA, NY and others, but New Hampshire and Indy are not exactly making me dance on the table tops. Now if it was GH solo..I would make the NH trip !!! Seeing G do his stuff is something no one can put a price tag on

    This is an outsatnding lineup. I personally cannot stand Yngwie, but the remaining spots seem really great. I am especially interested in hearing what that Hughes guy has to say :D I also think Uli Jon Roth and Coverdale should be monumental. Gotta clear off some Saturday nights I guess !!