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    Sometimes I see this and other band breakups as I see the problems I have dealt with in Professional Baseball. There are egos and personalities, and at these levels, they are both large and fragile. As soon as that point of, what I simply call "Humph, hrrumph" between teammates, we begin to have a chasm. Sometimes it gets ironed out, sometimes it doesn't. Guys call out their teammates and others swat back, usually without much thought, but also usually with no real malice. It's a matter of defending your own side of a story with intense coverage. An argument at home plays itself out at home, but in the world of entertainment and sports, it often plays out in the media, or worse, on Twitter. I am sure something could have been worked out with BCC, but once it got caught in the technological web of intrigue heard round the world, the split looked HUGE. Yes, I agree Tony that there is probably much more to this than we will ever know, but I also have some faith that there will be a mending at some point and the project will live on. Remember, JB has his solo commitments, Jason has his, Derek has his and Glenn seems to be putting his foot into the water in many places; so how could we expect it to be anything but a difficult task to remain focused. At some point they may just look at each other and say "let's make this our priority", because right now, I do not believe it is the top priority for any of them, and that is what is, in my mind, what keeps BCC from moving forward. So I hope for the best and hope to see more in the future, but until then...who knows.
    While I am at it, my old line returns: HOW ABOUT A US TOUR G ?!?!?! :thumbup:

    @ Frank: At least KISS is on tour at the moment! :thumbup:

    Wish I could say the same about BCC :(

    But JB is certainly on tour. I don't fully understand how Joe can tour his solo music all over the world, but we haven't had a GH solo tour in these parts since a one off show in LA in 2009...maybe G should try some of that crazy marketing :thumbup:

    To answer the question: HTP. Love the duel vocals and have always been a huge JLT fan anyhow.
    As for JB and his marketing, just think KISS. It worked for them, so maybe Joe can start wearing makeup and costumes
    and sell lunchboxes :rolleyes: :confused:

    I am certainly glad they are playing at least one show with the new album, yet very disappointed that we seem to always get the short end of the stick in the States. JB tours he constantly; how about you tour with BCC and maybe you'd enjoy it just as much as touring yourself and opening the eyes of thousands more fans :D

    Tickets are on sale this week for the BOC 40th Anniversary show, October 28 at the Best Buy Theater in NYC. They will also be releasing a 17 disc box set to coincide with 40 years of BOC :clapper: It will be the first reissue of Imaginos, and will help some fill their empty spots (Club Ninja ?) in collections. I know I am excited as heck to have my copy.
    Hop over to and get the details if you are interested.

    This should be a show of epic proportion :thumbup:

    Actually quite tired of these projects, and not just being done by Glenn. These conglomerations of people put together to make what amounts to a few appearances of mediocre music just turns me completely off. With all the side projects everyone thinks they need to do it's no wonder 98% of new music blows. And once Sebastian Bach is added I am automatically turning the other way.

    Having seen Blackmore's Night live, I was pleasantly surprised with Candice, but I just think Ritchie needs to play more guitar instead of hurdy-gurdy, lute and mandolin. After a while, the set becomes tedious. Not being a fan of Renaissance music myself, it may be brilliantly arranged, but after a few songs I was ready to go out to the car and listen to my iPod. about the USA ? Come one G !! Poland, Israel, Bulgaria; I doubt they can add up to the sales and following all together that you have in the US. Give us a break. Some solo shows are really needed here; it's been too long. Last two times through some of us traveled thousands of miles to see you once or twice; it is just more and more difficult to fly over the pond just to catch a gig.
    We love you in America and we want to see you perform in our backyards !!!
    But if you don't...I still love Glenn Hughes !!!

    Well Paul, I am a HUGE fan of HTP and do prefer those albums, especially the live disc, to BCC. The HTP tunes still get me thinking of the Purple/Rainbow days and seem more spontaneous than the BCC stuff.
    I enjoy them both greatly, but given the choice, I'd go with HTP.
    That is just one opinion of many you should hear.

    Ronnie was one of my absolute idols. From seeing Montrose open for The Who in 1974 at MSG, up until this past November when I saw him for the final time, he has been on the top of my list of performers. Met him briefly a few times and had been planning a trip to NYC in May to see him at BB Kings on the 18th. He will be missed.
    The Largo Cultural Center here is auctioning off one of his guitars this Summer that he signed and played last year after a performance. I had planned on making a hefty bid already, but now I am pretty much willing to break the bank to get it for my wall.

    Is Ed Roland a star? Never heard of him (but maybe he is good) ;)

    I have to wonder what makes Gilby Clarke an "all-star" or for that matter, Sebastian Bach ?? Now Duff and Simmons and Sorum I can definitely call "All-Stars", along, of course, with Mr. Hughes. But honestly, none of these guys are really in Glenn's class as a musician, songwriter or vocalist...

    SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA...What about NORTH AMERICA ?? Another of these "All-Star" Tours that always sound better than they turn out to be. Last tour like this I attended was a horrid show, and even the earlier "Happy Together" Tours, which I attended to see Leslie West and Mountain, were very underwhelming. So Glenn goes to UK, Russia, Central and South America, and they even have the Press Co0nference in the USA but add no dates for the USA....I am becoming jaded.