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    Hi yall,

    i was listening to the ' mistreated ' version on MK III the final concerts.
    The end of this live version is EXACTLY the same as on ' Made in Europe' :confused: :confused: (it's the part at the end when David has his moments)

    As a (wannabe) musician I know that this isn't possible to pull of live

    So what is the real played version???
    Mistreated on Made in Europe
    or Mistreated on MK III the final concerts

    Hope somebody can fill me in.

    stay funky

    Hi all,

    went to see Glenn in Bochum last friday (just got there in time, man do they start concerts early, 18.00, i didn't see the lizards)

    I've seen Glenn now 10 times or something like that, but the concert in Bochum really proved what Glenn stated and states here on this website. He IS in the best condition and mood of his live. The concert was short (a Glenn concert is never long enough :) ) but he took the house down!!!

    Personel highlight was "let it go". I have never seen anyone putting his entire soul into a song like that. It was breathtaking....
    And the whole admosphere of the concert was like a funked up familymeeting :clapper: :clapper:
    All the songs from SM stood like a house and Glenns basssound was extraordinare.
    It was also clear that JJ is like a fish in the water with Glenn, his flying V sound ROCKS!!!!!
    And the keyboardplayer is the coolest dude alive!!!!!
    Just one note of critisism.... the drummer let it slip sometimes (breaks not comming out like they should) which imho may not happen at that level
    (sorry but i just had to say it) BUT he DOES have that swing :D

    Glenn also thanked his fans from belgium and holland for comming to the german gigs.

    Glenn Hughes gigs are always an experience to remember

    thank you Glenn, JJ and the band :bow:

    stay funky

    GREAT PICTURES ,Jerklund!!!!!

    I'm getting ready to see Glenn next week in Bochum, Germany
    After all that i'm reading here about the tour, i'm getting more excited every day.

    When i can make some pictures i will put them up here also

    stay funky

    Hi David,

    great review and great pictures!!! i am going to bochum to see Glenn and i just can't wait!!!!

    Makes me think of when i saw Glenn with the addiction tour in Tilburg;
    someone in the crowd screamed highpithed like Glenn; Glenn looked surprised and said; oh my God, it's the ghost of Cristmass present :) :) :)


    is it possible to keep us informed what soul mover does in the charts?
    as glenn mentions it is in 3 countries in the top 20? :clapper:

    stay funky

    Hi Ross,

    welcome aboard,

    here are some suggestions

    1) addiction (imho the best he has ever done, sounds a bit like stone temple pilots, but then good)

    2) all the stuff from TRAPEZE

    3) The way it is

    and surely not to forget his latest SOULMOVER (i haven't heard it yet, but according to the reviews it is just your tast!!!)

    stay funky

    it is unmastered?? believe me, by mastering it will even sound better :bouncer:

    an unmastered copy of an Glenn Hughes cd is a 'wet dream' for an nonprofessional musician like me

    please can i have it if you don't want it anymore??????, please, please please :rolleyes:

    stay funky


    Any plans to put some more MP3s on the site?

    well we recorded 10 songs for our guitarplayers schoolexams (he's last years rockackademi) amongst others Cant happen here; highway star; i surrender; mean streak; soldier of fortune; spotlight kid

    perhaps in future they will apear on our site, as soon as they're finished i guess

    in mean time we are trying to get some gigs booked as sup.act for bands from 'the golden age of rock'

    stay funky