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    The boy can sing the blues


    what's done is done
    you need a good shot
    got 20/20 vision
    it's time to rock and roll

    I'm gonna take it to the top
    I'm gonna come clean
    You know it's my time
    How have you been?

    I hope by now that you heard the news
    It's good to be back, cause the boy can sing the blues
    Sing the blues

    I'm gonna spread the word
    I'm gonna get down
    In your face
    To your town

    I'm gonna sing my song
    like never before
    Take you down
    to the killing floor

    I hope by now that you heard the news
    It's good to be back, cause the boy can sing the blues
    Sing the blues

    I'm gonna rip it up
    like a hurricane
    I'm coming out
    like a runaway train

    You know I've past the test
    what can I say
    I've done my time
    now I'm on my way

    I hope by now that you heard the news
    It's good to be back and the boy can sing the blues
    You know he can
    And I hope by now that you heard the news
    It's good that I'm back, cause the boy can sing the blues
    Oooh yes, he can
    Sing the blues
    It's good to be back
    The boy can sing
    the boy can sing the blues

    hi all,

    i'm affraid that to put out an 'commercially' succesfull double album they should write over 60 songs and put 24 on the album.

    Then all 24 songs must be briljant. If there are any 'lesser' songs on an album people will judge the album based on those songs.

    Now the best Glenn can do is put out just a regular 12 song album with the best material he has ever written. And maybe write some stuff with the peppers.

    Glenns best songs (imho) are always songs he co-writes with other musicians (David C., marc bonilla, Ritchie B)


    Indeed my friends, Glenn should do a new live DVD.

    No doubt there will be an upcoming tour this year and imho it must be possible to shoot some gigs, there are enough venues where Big D. plays that have enough atmosphere and the ambience is always great at a Big D concert.

    The idea of SLATCOA is good but the guys who filmed it should go back to procucing their softpornofilms :lol: :lol:

    For the sound they must bring the guys that recorded Burning Japan Live (still one of the most briljant live-recordings ever) The gigs must be filmed by the crew that shot the 'bad company' dvd in the house of blues. THEN YOU CANT GO WRONG :thumbup:

    And as an extra it would be interesting to interview US as GHCP!!!

    stay funky

    Hi Yall,

    first of all when it's not to late, Happy new year!!!
    Havent been here for a whille so I thougt to say hi.
    Been busy with my study and so on...

    The first date for the new year of my band BURNER is confirmed
    When; 4 feb
    where : Helmond, Holland
    Venue: muziekcafe

    As you might know BURNER is a DP/RB tribute band and we play whenever we can (if our members are not caught up in their routine of being mums and dads etc :) )

    So here's to a funky and heavy rock year and talk to you guys and girls soon.


    Yet again there are the 2 GH camps
    1) the rock Glenn
    2) the funky soul Glenn

    My fav is 'death of me' that is the most ever raw, perfect , beautiful rock singing that is ever done. The intencity of it, it lingers thru the whole 'addiction' album (which is ofcourse still my ultimate GH album).

    But then again it also depends on my mood which Glenn i prefer.

    Glenn is like a diamond with a thousand different facets and each and every one of it is beautiful. (wow that sounds like Christmas :lol: )

    Happy hollidays

    Hi Yall,

    what i am wondering...
    The mixer and engineer of the new RHCP will also do Big Daddy's new studio effort.....

    Is it going to be a bit more 'radio' and 'mtv' stuff?
    i mean the world is ready for a new funkrockband (which such awesome music and huge followers like well hmmm the RHCP:lol: :bow: )
    Or is it going to be 'just' another GH gem?

    I think it is going to be Glenn's world wide 'comeback'
    because this morning i woke up from a dream that Glenn had a worldwide hit with a song about tollerance etc (a bit like an oprah winfrey show kinda feeling:) ) in an funked up rock setting. I even saw the video (man i must get some more sleep and a life :lol: :lol: )

    So i think this new cd is another step towards in making the living legend even greater. (i even don't mind that 'fused' won't get a tour so Big Daddy can focus on his own career)

    Word to Soulmover:
    Man you must have a blast:thumbup: :clapper: :lol: :bow:

    Keep up the funk

    just watched DC perform Burn.....
    Everytime i hear David sing it's like he sings lower and with not the power he had in DP days... he almost sounds like a scarcrow :(
    Don't get me wrong i've always admired David for his wonderful 'barry white' coloured voice... and there is no (white) singer who has such a beautiful blues voice (Ritchie was totaly right)

    It would be great to see David and Glenn working together again but i fear we have to be real, it will never happen....
    The reason why i think that is because when they sing (live) together
    Glenn would only have to give 20 % and David 300 % otherwise David would totaly be blown of stage by Glenn. Because David is a very nice guy i don't wish him that.....

    BUT A STUDIO ALBUM would be very welcome....:)

    stay chunky

    Hi all,

    i couldn't keep this from you...

    Last night i was watching a dutch tv show "je leven in de steiger'
    (a sort of son of dr Phill show).
    and guess what happened.... they showed some workers working in a house and during that footage (and during the entire show) they played snippets from ORION

    I thought it was great :)
    because 'normally' they only play snippets from known songs......


    report; drumclinic Kenny 09-08-2005 : ittervoort - Holland

    Kenny started with; 'what are you living for' COOL!!!!!
    the audience (mostly drummers) got blown away right away.

    Man can that guy play :thumbup: :thumbup:
    Kenny is mister cool himself, entertaining with his drumming and just by being his funny self.

    He played; I go insane,
    which got the most applause of the evening (eventhough i guess most of the people don't know it and it is a 'difficult' song when you hear it first.

    Some of the songs he played
    (cant rember some titels)
    Alanis Morisette
    Avril Lavine (or something like that ;)
    John fogerty (out on the bayo)
    John Mellencamp (paper in fire , and that briljant ballad)
    John bon Jovi (drumbreak, blaze of glory)
    Alice cooper (never knew he done such 'difficult' music) :)
    Fish (no not the singer but a heavy Lenny Kravitz kinda song REAL GOOD :cool:
    He finnished of with a big band song which was amazing

    Later he signed some autographs
    i had my FUSED booklet with me
    Kennys reaction
    :eek: WOW, you've got it!!!! :eek:
    he hoped they would come to europe with the fused tour

    So i had a great evening

    cheers Hiawatha72