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    Hi James,

    it's good that everyone has a different feel about songs in general.

    What i don't get is why you like the album Play me out but you can't get into a song like 'this house' 'frail' or 'the divine'.
    They are imho a litle bit up the same creek (or how do you say that in english:) )

    Monkey man you like almost as much as you like 'stepping on'
    For me there is a galaxy between the brilliance of 'stepping on' and the '13 in a dozin' of 'monkey man'

    Like i said in one of my earlier posts
    Glenn is like a diamond with many facets, one you like more, one you like less


    btw; james i love your website, its hilarious :cool: :)

    hi all,

    next time i'll wear my hiawatha t-shirt :) so i'm recognisable
    i haven't spoken to anyone from the forum :(

    Shure would be great to talk to you all...

    I stood along with the drummer from my band at the right first large pole, and was already there to watch J.J. and the rest setting up there gear.

    Glenn was indeed awesome yesterday and the new songs are live realy great (especialy stepping on, together with soulmover :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: )

    J.J. is :eek: :D He is mister funny cool himself, and the interaction between the drummer and J.J. was hilarious (the end of mistreated was saved just in time ;)). This drummer has a great groove (and is sooooo much better than the drummer i saw with glenn last year in the biebob in belgium)
    I hope he will come along for the tour starting september this year (after Big D. has a few words with him about being focused on the band and the music instead of his towls) :lol:

    It was a pity that 'dutch diva' Anouk started playing at the mainstage whille Glenn was finisching his....the people went to see Anouk instead..... (anouk was the most uninspired performence i saw all day...) The people at bospop just don't get it....

    My overall opinion of this years bospop...
    1) it was a very middle of the road programming (except Glenn ofcourse)
    2) the people didn't know what hit them as Glenn played, they are the kind of people that are used to be played to sleep with music from Alon Parsons and the simple minds....
    so the couldn't handle Glenns music :p they almost don't deserve glenn (oke so im a bit frustrated for all those people leaving glenns gig, especially to go and watch some 'think she's a rockstar, but can't deliver the goods' Anouk (no interaction with the audience, no pation, no nothing).

    So now i'm longing for glenns tour and to hear more from MftD live.

    oh and Glenn... if you don't want to play Burn anymore that is fine by me... I rather hear you sing Soulmover or anything from you solocatalogue.



    Hi all,

    i got my copy of MftD yesterday and i must say there are some real gems on it.

    i got the feeling that Big D. is writing 'songs' again. i cannot explain it in english very well. But in my opinion there are 'nummers' and 'liedjes'.

    a 'nummer' is a straight forward to have a good time (rock)song and
    a 'liedje' is more intense like a painting by the old masters or like Paul and John used to write.

    i love MftD now and i will love it over many years to come.
    If someone can create a song like 'this house' or 'frail' that one is really blessed.

    Wherever Glenn will travel musically and emotionally i will follow because the places it leads to are amazing and wonderful to be at :) :cool:

    Thank you Glenn, thank you JJ, thank you Chad and thank you John

    You ARE the music :claphands :bow:


    Hi all,

    never thought this to happen.
    As you all know Big Daddy will play at Bospop this year in Holland.

    My local newspaper sums up all festivals that matter this year in Holland.

    1) pinkpop
    2) bospop
    3) arrows

    There is a short story of all 3 festivals
    1) pinkpop (it mentions the headliner the RHCP, yet no picture, sorry soulmover)
    2) Bospop

    and there it is A PICTURE OF BIG DADDY!!
    the text to the picture says:
    'last year the absulute HIGHLIGHT at arrow, this year the most dangerous outsider at bospop GLENN HUGHES' :cool: :cool:

    as if i didn't know :) :)


    PTR i have a question

    Do the singers have to hit such a high note once or do they have to sing fragments in that tone?

    I mean, hitting such a high tone once means nothing (imho) but it makes all the difference when a singer uses it frequently and can use it strongly and beautiful

    btw listen to Glenns parts in DP (the gillan songs) and his first solo album Play me out..


    Interesting topic...
    I am a singer myself (nowadays in a DP/RB tribute band) and i have sang along with all those great singers (mostly not in person) :(

    Only one voice challenges me when it comes to low and high notes, and teaches me how to use my voice in many different ways.
    Only Glenn can hit as low and high without sounding like a pig being torchered.
    What i mean is Glenn SINGS where others scream (for help :lol:)

    And don't forget... studio singing is a lot different from live singing. Almost every singer is live not as good as the studioversion. Glenn is the exception to the rule (with geoff tate, only tate sings with no emotion or what so ever , he is an instrument).

    So when you make such a list of range, be sure to use livematerial only.

    And now... what is your range Glenn? (it doesn't really mater, but hay perhaps it will be a question on Jepardy)