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    A major Blackmore fan from Greece told me that he heard Coverdale tell a fan that he and Blackmore would be working together next year. I think that is wishful thinking and maybe DC was teasing the person but he and Blackmore are now both on the SPV label. I know DC thinks highly of Ritchie but I have no idea how Blackers feels about Coverdale. A rep from SPV did tell Coverdale that Ritchie sends his regards though. Obviously I am trying to get more info from my Greek source to get me into contact with the person that Coverdale talked to about him and Ritchie working together. Again I hasten to add that maybe DC was "taking the piss" out of the person.

    There are many books I enjoy ranging from fiction to non-fiction. I have some books by Leo Tolstoy, books by and about the "Beat Generation" authors, books about filmmakers assessing the content and form of their productions, books by Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku discussing Physics in an accessible manner, plays by Ibsen, Pirandello and Strindberg and poetry by Keats and Tennyson.

    On the 1995 re-issue of Play Me Out there were two songs added as bonus tracks to the CD. They were recorded in March 1978 in Atlanta with a drummer named Tim Gehrt and the surviving tapes were a couple of generations old. These were intended for a follow-up album to Play Me Out but the album was never completed. Have the original tapes been found since then? If so they would be ideal to be re-issued on a future Pink Cloud release. I enjoyed the two songs and would love to hear more from that session even though there is not enough songs to make a complete album.

    I love this interview! :D It is so funny that I keep returning to it whenever I need a big laugh! His comments about "Richard Burton" and "Black Adder" are great! Hughes should release a "best of" Comedy CD on Pink Cloud of such interview snippets. "Crazy...loco" hahahaha! :lol:

    I read that Trapeze played one of the very first BBC In Concerts with the Moody Blues in late 1969. No other details were provided so does anyone know more about this In Concert session?

    Maybe this was mention elsewhere on the site but I read more details about Trapeze adding a new bass player as Glenn moved to rhythm guitar.

    On Page 76 of the booklet in the Deep Purple Listen Learn Read On boxset I read this blurb.

    In late March 1973 Trapeze decided to bring in a bass player, 21 year old Peter Mackie, giving Glenn more freedom to concentrate on singing, as well as playing rhythm guitar. "We auditioned over a hundred musicians and the person we chose comes from Wolverhampton!" He fitted in immediately", Hughes enthused at the time. "We're really looking forward to getting the new line-up under way." They were also planning to cut their fourth album in Memphis. Mackie made his debut at the Ilkeston Regency on March 30th 1973.

    A few things I wish for is for my family to be safe and happy. Continued health to my elderly mother. A safe voyage for my girlfriend to Canada and then back to Spain.

    Another wish is to have record labels stop issuing expensive foreign CDs with bonus tracks and to treat all international music fans equally regarding that issue.

    I heard about the poor picture issue on the newly released DVD. I was wondering if the cause could be because the concert was video taped using the NTSC system and then edited abroad on a PAL editing suite? Possibly the conversion from NTSC to PAL would cause a downgrade in picture quality. I have the NTSC Japanese laserdisc of the jam and the picture quality is sharp. Once I get the DVD I will have to compare the two discs.

    I am very curious about the "symphony thing" as well! I wonder if Glenn is composing new songs to mesh with an orchestra or if he will sing some of his classics such as "Coast To Coast" and "This Time Around" with the backing of the orchestra?

    Sorry if this has been already mentioned but I have the track listing for SITKOR on Shrapnel.

    1. In My Blood
    2. Lost In The Zone
    3. Gasoline
    4. Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)
    5. Get You Stoned
    6. Written All Over Your Face
    7. Standing On The Rock
    8. Courageous
    9. Change - (bonus track)
    10. Truth, the
    11. Wherever You Go
    12. Untitled - (hidden track)

    Is the hidden track "Secret Life"?