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    Hey Hey,
    Thank God it didn't rain!
    Now I have 2 shows under my belt!(Hard Rock).
    So much talent on the stage that night. Too
    bad there was'nt a larger crowd. Thanks to
    Uncle Glenn for the words from the stage, and
    talking after the show!
    When I get the abilty I will post my pics.

    [B]Hi David, first time user here, hope I am doing this right. Just got back to Rochester,N.Y. from Orlando. First time to see
    THE VOICE! What can I say, I wish I could take
    that moment in time and put it in a bottle so I could take a hit from it now and then. Cuz Lord
    knows if something close to that will happen again. My better half and I spent 2 nights at the ROCK. What a crew. Now in hindsight, I am sorry I did not introduce myself to more people
    at the meet and greet, or at the great soundcheck. Kind of shy I guess, or maybe trying to contain myself! Everyone was so nice.
    I was right up front and got a guitar pic. My first one ever. How appropriate! Got two photos
    with the man. Wish that night could have lasted
    forever! Hope to see everyone again, and next time I will be more forward to speak with wonderful fellow fans of the GREATEST!
    Thanks, Mark