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    Glad to hear everyone is O.K!
    Ice storms are kinda fun when it's 10 degrees
    outside and your without power for 14 days.
    Kenny do something crazy???

    Hey Mark,
    How are things in Houston?
    Did Larry get the CD'S?
    Does anyone know if Blue Jade is going to make it on to the DVD?
    Hope all is well with everyone in this circle! Can't wait for the next one!

    Hi Todd,
    How's everything? Bought my airline tickets a couple of weeks ago for Vegas. Are there any decent campgrounds in the area?
    See you in April.
    Mark in Rochester,N.Y.

    What more is there to say! GREAT FANS, GREAT MUSIC, GREAT WEATHER!!! It was so nice to meet
    all..Mark Hoffman(thank's for everything} Todd,
    Kat, Ken+Caroline, Larry+Heather, Chip, Bill, Mark from across the pond, of course Darth Ferdur!!! Ann+Christian, words can't express!!!
    "On the border!" Thank God you made it!!!
    Thanks to the band and that singer guy!

    :) Hey all. Wishing everyone a safe happy, joyful holiday. A HAPPY, HAPPY, Birthday to "The Bird".
    To Toronto: I messed up real real bad!!!
    I gave it my all for 3.5 yrs. She was all I ever dreamed of! Things should have worked out different, but they did'nt. I cannot look her in the eye, so I am sending this message here.
    I miss your family!!! Tomorrow is another day.
    Trying to leave my hard times behind. "It's a hard life to love".

    I've had the GREAT fortune of seeing Uncle Glenn 3 times this year! I think I have to move to Orlando. It would be easier on my wallet. Does the Hard Rock need any cooks? I make a mean omelette!
    Hello Great White North!

    Hello all Uncle Glenn fans.
    Glenn has the GREATEST fans because he is THE GREATEST!!! A Million thanks to Glenn and the "Bird" for being so hospitable. The most gracious
    performer I have ever met!!! Dorothy and I met
    the two greatest people from Canada!!! Ann and
    Christian. We hung from leaving the airport to going back to the airport. You guy's really were the cherry on top! Look forward to seeing you very soon,and to see your friend Chris. To see Glenn 3 times in 1 year! I feel guilty, for so many have'nt had the great fortune.
    Ann, I want a signed copy of your first CD.
    Grace, a friend of mine gave me the addiction shirt that he got off of the internet. I'll ask him where he got it. You were at the Hard Rock in March? What a show!
    It was the best bingo game ever.
    Shirean, it was so great to meet you! Can't wait till next time.
    Hey.. should've been there!!!
    I'll see you on the other side of the lake.
    I'll see your loonie, and raise you a twoonie!
    Rochester :)