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    HEY Ken+Cookie,
    can't wait to hear it in it's entirety. It comes out the day after my Birthday! Talk to you soon. It's about time for our boy!!!!! What about Letterman :clapper:

    James, I thought of Rush straight away, but Neil stepped in after the first album. Lou has done a few shows lately here in Rochester. like John say's, Hit or Miss. Great Guy!!!!!
    Hope my spelling is OK:lol:

    Ron Mon! The Man! I saw Gamma 3 times in the 80's! Davey was my favorite singer until I got 7th Star. Sorry Davey. Met him a couple times, nice bloke! Once Gamma opened for AC/DC. Weird combo. My other fave guitarist is Robin, and what to my surprise the first time I saw him live and there was Davey back from wherever the hell he disapearred to!! Those concerts were some of the GREATEST I have ever been to! Also saw Davey and Trower together 3 times

    I was also at that show Grace! Looks like we'll have to pull a heist. "OCEANS 13" :lol: I talked to Glenn a little at a VOCR show in VA. a couple months after the HRH show, he knew nothing about it :(


    :D[Am so glad to say I saw a BORN AGAIN show! Ian is not the only singer to have sung some Sabbath and play Jesus Christ. Can someone name the other guy? Don't know how many points this is worth.

    QUOTE=Arjen]Great pictures Ad!When I look at Ian Gillan in the second picture the thing that comes to my mind is: It that the same guy who sang incredible brutal on the Born Again record and tour? IMO the best Sabbath line up ever!

    After this tour Ian Gillan's voice was never the same. Ian butchered his voice on this tour. If anyone has a live recording of this tour he/she would agree with me. Although Ian's voice was destroyed in this period I think it was all worth it!! BORN AGAIN rules

    Ian Gillan with Sabbath 1983-1984 :bow: :bow: :bow:


    Hey Girl,

    "To Love Somebody" on the JukeBox, where is that version from?:huh:
    "No Stranger....."

    Quote from Shirean

    Couldn't agree with you more Mark. By the way, you'll find Big Daddy's rendition over in the JukeBox :guitarist

    Glenn could have saved this special. Would have loved to see him take Rob Thomas' place opposite Alicia Keys doing "Use Me Up". Glenn performed this on "The Cruise" :singer:

    Has "Big Daddy" ever done Sweet Child In Time? I heard he did Zero The Hero with Sabbath. Glenn did some great covers on the Hughes Cruise! :cool: