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    Hello, Uncle Glenn, David and all GHCP. Glenn, in all of your lifes accomplishments, how would you describe the release of your auto bio. And what direction do you think your heading in with the next album, a guest appearance from a different guitarist on each track perhaps? ;) Thank You, Mark/Rochester, NY.

    Saw BCC in NH back in June :clapper: I still owe JB $10.00, shhh
    Thanks for keeping up the awesome work David :thumbup:

    Happy Safe Holidays all! my neck of the woods, us folks around here get to see Smokin' Joe play for free :) at the downtown Blues Festivals!! Medusa with Joe...PRICELESS!!!! Thanks so much for the video Michael Moore, David and Shirean :clapper:

    Nastos' ...that is.

    I love Jeff and JJ, can't find any info on that crazy George? :confused:
    Can't wait for F U N K :bouncer:

    My Flag is Flyin'! :cool:


    I still have all my Evel memorabilia from the day. My old man used to be a sports writer, so I have lots of rare pics and stuff. A personalized signed photo hangs on my living room wall, now I must hurry the guy thats fixing my Evel pinball machine, hope the guy hasn't sold it on me.

    Happy Landings Evel!

    Here are my favs from the albums I most listen to (although these are subject to change without notice at any time - probably would be different if I filled it out five minutes from now - LOL :lol: )

    Feel = Talkin' to Messiah

    I think in his heart...this is Poppa's Fave album :rolleyes:

    I was at the radio city music hall show
    Saw Poppa 2 weeks later at BB Kings!
    Why can't daddy get a production as good as the Heaven and Hell show in NY?
    DIO was great!

    It doesn't get any better than that...a band on fire, great people, great food, GREAT City!!!

    Wish I had more time to spend with the fellow GHCPeeps. So great to see you all again.

    David and Shirean....THANK YOU :thumbup:

    Kenny and Carolyn...cheers to you :p

    Daddy and Company... :claphands:claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands :claphands

    Can't wait for June 4th at BB's!

    I just saw Dio and the Boys down there at RCMH. What a show, but I can hardly wait to see Big Daddy again!!!:bouncer:

    Just doing some reflecting tonight. Of course Daddy is most inspirational...what is hitting me tonite is....

    I kiss the day, there can be no other answer Turn back the time and let me in I look away, as they stare and all their glances Now I can tell you where I've been All alone inside myself I guess I never knew which way to go The time has come to know yourself And I don't want to live that way again.

    I'm miles away, as I look into the water And there's a tide that pulls me in The missing page where there'll be the sons and daughters I live and die it's hard to take Safe within, this higher ground The pleasure and the pain has come and gone I have been once lost now found And I don't want to live that way again

    There's a light in the distance And a voice that cries freedom There's a child in the mirror, Much too long he's been grievin' I have stumbled thru madness Now I've made my decision, And I don't want to live that way again

    So I pull down the shutters And I wave my resistance And I wait for the sirens That will ring thru my head I was cast as a leper! Now I've replaced my religion And I don't want to live that way again

    God Bless You GHCP and Gabi and Glenn and David and Shirean and Ann and Nancy and.......Kenny call me you MF!! :p