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    All the time there's a sniff of animosity in the air between any members of DPs Mk3 line-up, I personally think any sort of reunion wouldn't be worth losing any sleep over.

    As for the idea of a "reunion" with any other musician substituting for one of the Mk3 members isn't a reunion. Full stop.

    It's gotta be all 5 or let's concentrate on the here and now.


    I'm listening to it as I type this.

    The originals don't really sound to much different than the originals, I set up a play list of original followed by remastered, but with Glenn's remixes, yeah shaprer, I'll grant you, although I'm not over struck with the "clappy-clappy" bit in "Holy Man". This track has been a 5* fave of mine since I first heard it back in '76 but this version only rates 4*

    Just finished listening to this, and gotta say I do like the difference in the vocals on "Hold On" and the vocals-less version of "High Ball Shooter" is refreshing.

    Overall tho a good remaster, 9/10


    Just a quick "Hello" to you all, and to say a bit 'bout meself.

    Been a fan of Glenn's since hearing "Come Taste The Band" when it was first released, but not yet seen the man play live!!!

    Age-wise, I'm closer to 50 than 40, happily married with 3 children, and employed as a freight train driver.

    So for now, as Phillip Lynott used to say " 'Til the next time, thank you!! "