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    Bonamassa told Undercover:


    It (the name) jumped out of the gun. It got leaked inadvertently and it has spread like wildfire. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, it just got leaked. Somebody overheard a conversation. The definition of overhearing a conversation is putting it online and acting if it’s fact.

    Did anybody not like the name? Sounded OK, but I wasn't totally excited by it. I guess it could be worse. Like calling yourself Chickenfoot :)

    The recent stormbringer discount made the Regular Limited Edition a bit more reasonable and competitive with the likes of Genesis Publications. As noted previously these are limited editions(100 & 400) targeted to a niche market.
    Should be neat when they post some photos of the finished book.

    For now, I'll have to put this on my wish list right behind the Collector Edition of Classic Hendrix.

    Oh, does anybody know the book's dimensions?


    Simply a mind blowing performance for me tonight by Glenn and the band. I'm glad I finally got to see him especially missing him in 2007. I truly hope he performs more in the U.S. as he indicated tonight, because from what I've read on this board and witnessed tonight, he's truly loved here at home. Thank you Glenn. You are the ultimate performer.

    Cameras are probably not likely at the first NYC gig (but I don't know for sure)...your best bet, is to check with the venue directly (and come back here and let us all know) ;)

    Got an email from Highland today:

    "photo for personal use is fine. please avoid using flash"

    Come to think of it, I never did figure out how to shut off the flash. That might be a problem...:)


    Got my NYC confirmation for Sunday! Thanks to Dave for the email announcement and to the venue for the invite! Its nice to see the dedicated fan base Glenn has here in the U.S. Since Saturday's show will be me first GH gig, anybody know if cameras are allowed at either events or if Glenn does a meet and greet before or after the show?


    Sent my request in last night. I'm at work, so I'm unable to check my email for a response(silly corporate policies). Since it's a Sunday, anybody know if this is an afternoon performance?


    This is my first post to the forum and will be my first time seeing Mr. Hughes live. I missed him the last time he was here in NYC. I know I'll be blown away, just like I was when I heard "Addiction" for the first time. Counting the days to a bass smacking performance!