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    I agree entirely with what soulmover05 said. Karen and myself have seen Glenn, I dunno, maybe between 30 and 40 times (not quite in the Mikey D 75 times bracket), and this was for us the best GH gig we've been to since the Trapeze reunion at Brierly Hill in the early 90's.

    Why ... well for us it's because Glenn actually gets back to singing. That's not a criticism, it's just that we like his voice from his earlier works when he was singing without too many of the little nuances that he puts into his works these days.

    Also, usually live he's having to sing above the group to be heard whereas acoustically it's all stripped back and songs like 'Will Our Love End' and 'Holy Man' just showcase what we all know. Our Glenn has THE Voice.

    This truly was a fabulous, fabulous occasion. Yeah, I made the open suggestion that he copies the Tommy Bolin Tribute shows and does, annually, An Evening Of Trapeze Music, in the West Midlands (ideally The Robin2) dedicated to the memory of Mel. He could just play Trapeze stuff and mix it up both full on electric funk with acoustic interludes. He could bring out stuff he's not played solo (to my knowledge) ... stuff like 'Feelin So Much Better Now', 'Loser' and 'Midnight Flyer.

    I hope he takes me up on the suggestion because Saturday showed what an intimate setting the acoustic gig can be. Then the memory of Mel and Trapeze can live on, in the safest hands possible, for ever !!


    Glenn, our good friend.

    Firstly, Karen and I would like to send our deepest sympathies to Mel's family and also yourself as you have lost a true friend and mentor.

    Since the days when we ran the fan club we have known what Mel meant to you and from our first meeting back in '94 at the Trapeze reunion gig it was obvious what that band and Mel meant in your life. To this day that gig in Brierly Hill is one of the outstanding memories in our life and possibly the best gig of all time.

    We will all miss Mel but his legacy is safe in your hands and the music of Trapeze is eternal, it will live forever.

    Glenn - we're only a phone call away. Take care, pal.

    Well, anyone who knows me from the Fan Club days knows that I think HT is the greatest single piece of work that Glenn has been involved with. It's probably one of my 2 fave albums of all time (the other is Bridge Of Sighs by Robin Trower).

    The new mix of HT adds sparkle to an album that was at the time light years ahead of others in terms of overall production and sound quality. The songs have stood the test of time and more, it sounds as fresh today, 25 years on, as it did in '82.

    The bonus tracks are the, erm, bonus! Love Dont Come Easy contains one of the best bass lines I've ever heard from Hughsie during the chorus, whilst the slowed down original version of Still The Night has to be one of the heaviest things I've heard in years and knocks the Phenomena version into a cocked hat.

    Whilst I still see Glenn and love the stuff he's doing now, Soul Mover and M4TD, I have to say that my own personal view is that he's never topped this.

    He's recently said that PT is the best guitarist he's ever played with and that HT is tha album all of his musician pals still rave about.

    No wonder, out of a five star rating I give it 10 everytime. Absolutely brilliant!

    Sad indeed. I've always loved rock music first and foremost, but my second love has been heavy funk. You know JB, the Fatback band and crossovers like The Isleys.

    I saw The Godfather live a couple of years ago at the Liverpool Summer Pops, held annualy in an overgrown wigwam (actually a massive 4500 seater marquee). He was an hour late due to his train (???) being delayed. This was mega for me having been a fan since the 70s ... and, he was sensational. Remember the guy was then in his early 70s, so I can only guess at what he was like at the peak of his popularity in the mid 1970s. His band, as you'd expect, were note perfect ... tight as a duck's ar*e, and that's water tight. The heavy funk, live, was mind blowing and all the bigees were performed ... It's A Man's World, Please Please Please, It's Too Funky In Here, Get Up Offa That Thing and, of course, Sex Machine. The latter, always his anthem. and the ultimate disco funk song, I found exilerating and strange in equals measures. Exilerating ... this was Sex Machine, the biggest anthem funk/soul has known .... Strange ... c'mon a 70 year old dude singing about being a sex machine !!!

    Having said that, I achieved something I'd always wanted to do and I saw the Godfather Of Soul live.

    Now ... I'll continue to keep watching and listening to my mate the big G, the Godfather of Funk Rock.

    Cheers ... Merry Xmas all.


    I saw Robin too at Bilston, then the following night at Manchester Academy and last night at the Limelight in Crewe. The sound in Manchester was absolutely awesome, guitar and vocals both clear as a bell.

    Bridge Of Sighs is still the greatest piece of blues rock for me, a masterpiece of rock desolation. If you've never heard this get the CD of the same name, put BOS on, crank it up to 10 on the volume and just check if your speakers manage to stay in one piece. It's an incredibly simple idea but a magnificently performed track.

    Despite being 60 odd now he's still the greatest guitar player on the planet imho. Maybe not the fastest, but his belief has always been that he can say in one note what other guitarists would take a dozen to say.

    I'm sure he'll be back in 2007 so check him out then.

    Glenn,it's great to have you on-line like this and close to the fans! Almost reminds me of the days when we ran The Voice fan club and you we really close to us all then, answering fan's letters or telling Karen and myself what to say to people. 11 years on from the start of that and you go from strength to strength. Let's catch up next time you're in the UK. Karen and "little" Glenn (little? He's as tall as me now!) send their love :)

    See ya soon, mate.
    Pete. ;)

    NIWS does appear in the movie, though briefly. Half way through there is a scene in a room with a few people in there and 'Ughsie can be heard in the backgound. You hear a couple of lines of the first verse, this fades into the background, then you hear a little bit more.

    Don't sneeze or close your eyes though 'cos you'll miss it.

    Brilliant idea to me. We ran the GH Fan Club back in the 90's and it never clicked with me which is surprising seeing I've been a Trower fan as long as I've been a Hughsie fan (since 1973). I don't reckon it could be a permanent arrangement but a one-off album and tour would be good.

    We'll have to get David H on to it !!!!

    Over the years Trower's best vocalist was undoubtedly Jimmy Dewar (RIP) who sadly passed away a couple of years ago (see for details), but Glenn could certainly put a different slant on some of those timeless classics ... Bridge Of Sighs, Daydream, Alethea, Too Rolling Stoned and my fave, I Can't Wait Much Longer.

    That's it for me. Having just seen Glenn a couple of times on the UK tour, and meeting him backstage at Northampton to have a chin-wag about the days that Karen and I ran the GH "Voice" fan club, I'm now off to see Robin 3 times (at least) on his first UK tour for 22 years.

    Great pics!! I have to say that in all the years Karen and I ran the Fan Club and all the gigs we went to (which was loads) I reckon Dudley last night was one of the very best, arguably THE best.
    It was far better than Bradford the previous night as the sound was more balanced, you could hear JJ's guitar better, and Glenn's vocals were far more at the front of the mix with his bass a bit less 'up front'. Also Glenn didn't have the dry ice to contend with which he told us later really makes life hard for a vocalist.

    Highlights for me were Mistreated (again) and Higher Places ... this really is a killer track live and I think what pulls it off is the Bonzo Zep drum beat which really is right in your face. Great stuff!


    David ... it's OK with us if you create the zip files so that members can download onto their PCs.

    The Fan Club will not be resurrected so there would be no opportunities to raise funding by selling 'past issues', so let the true GH fans in the Forum have the chance to download them for themselves.

    Cheers ... Pete.

    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Well, what can I say!

    Firstly, great job and thanks to David and Shirean for the kind words and for really doing justice to what we did with The Voice. Looking through those archive pages really did bring back some great memories and great times.

    The Voice was genuinely real hard work, a slog at times, but being so close to Glenn really did balance all that out. Yeah, we we're lucky, we obviously made some kind of impression on Glenn the first time we met him (more likely Karen than me) and within a month he'd called us and visited our house in Merseyside to ask us to run his Fan Club world wide.

    As the first issue says in the introduction we always answered letters sent to us (when a stamped envelope was included) or at least we tried to! There was a stage at the height of the club when this was almost impossible we were getting that many, so I have to believe we were doing something right because of all the responses. With us both working too it really was hard work. We were often up at 1 or 2 in the morning putting magazines in envelopes, or membership details or cards. But it was worth it, believe me, it really was!

    The Fan Club allowed us direct contact with Glenn. Weekly phone calls, seeing him when he was in the UK, meeting his mum and dad (who we are still great friends with to this day) and being privileged to see and hear things that other fans would never, ever get to know about. I can remember Karen ringing him in the studio once, during the recording of Feel, and Glenn immediately put Pat Thrall on the phone to speak with her which was great and something that we could never had hoped for in a month of Sundays otherwise.

    The other main benefit was that we made loads of friends all around the world, and especially in the UK and we always bump into friendly faces at all Glenn's gigs where we a great time and relive those memories.

    Sadly, it had to end. The speed of the internet meant that info on Glenn through The Voice would always be second hand and as such club numbers began to fall and, economically, we couldn't sustain it any longer. But the legacy, in a different form, has been passed to others, notably David and Shirean here in the Fan Forum.

    It's great, I'm on it all the time and you may have seen the review of The Legends show I did which David kindly posted from the Manchester gig ... pics included.

    So that was it. It really was a privlege doing The Voice ... we hope you all enjoyed it and got something out of it. We got a personal friendship with Glenn, and now Gabi as well, which exists still today.

    To all ... keep up the Faith.

    Pete & Karen.

    Speaking of John Sloman, did anyone ever hear the Gary Moore album "Rockin Every Night - Live In Japan" on which Sloman was the vocalist?

    Well, check out the live version of "I Can't Wait Until Tomorrow" originally from the "Corridors of Power" album. I read a long time ago that Moore had an obsession with finding a 'Hughes-like' vocalist and this is where it shows. Moore, I think, does the main vocals on this live track, but just as the song kicks up a gear in the middle and moves into 'rock' mode, Sloman kicks in starting with the line 'I've been searching for somethin I might never find'. Talk about a Hughes clone he clearly just tries to rip him off, although he can't hit the high spots like our Glenn can. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Cheers ... Pete.

    I fully agree with everything John has said and like Pete says the DP forum is a battlefield. Like our site there's a lot of good stuff on there, and being said, but it's each to his own.

    The Rock Press - the Critics - gave Glenn the name "The Voice Of Rock" and as they probably listen to more vocalists individually than the rest of us put together I reckon they are qualified to talk.

    As for Black Night he's full of sh*t so maybe he should change his name to Black Sh*te.

    Hi guys,

    From what I know they are one and the same. Both recordings got official releases in the UK :-

    Deep Purple ... In Concert. King Biscuit Flower Hour recorded Long Beach, Feb 27, 1976. Released through King Biscuit on BMG International, catalogue no 70710-88002-2

    - and -

    Deep Purple ... On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat recorded Long Beach 1976. Released through Connoisseur, catalogue no DPVSOP CD 217.

    The only differences are that the King Biscuit give the actual date where the Connoisseur release does not but it does refer to the King Biscuit recording in the CD booklet and says that they decided to "go with the full Long Beach gig" ... so they are the same show.

    The track listing's slightly different in that the Foxbat CD has the full Long Beach gig whereas the KB CD misses out "Smoke" and "Going Down" but does included 4 tracks also from a King Biscuit gig from Springfield, Mass on Jan 26 same year.

    Cheers to one and all for 2003.
    Regards ... Pete.

    Cheers, Pete. It was a bit difficult not to show how we felt when Glenn said his bit before Burn. We've known him personally for the best part of 10 years now and we'd driven him home from the HTP gig in Dudley and spent a fair bit of time with him backstage at The Wulfrun, but we had no idea that the Dedication was coming.

    Incidentally in your review you mentioned you were in your Tshirt ... well we were standing just behind you after the gig (although at the time we didn't know it) whilst we waited for Glenn to complete the signing session before we went up to his room where we took the pics in my review. Maybe we should meet up the next time our man tours !

    In the meantime .... stay funky ! :) :)


    I actually got the GH 76 Tshirt at Wolverhampton, but it's only when Karen and I were giving Glenn a lift back to his parent's house after the gig that he told us that there was another Tshirt there with a picture for his Trapeze days on the front and 73 on the back (in both cases 76 and 73 refer to the years the pics were taken).

    So I had a look at Manchester on Monday and, yep, there they were, so I got one of those too and they're cool as well !! Unfortunately I haven't got a pic I can post yet, maybe someone else can post one.



    At both the gigs we went to - Wolverhampton and Manchester - Glenn, together with Frank Marino, Uli Roth and Jack Bruce, was signing stuff and meeting people after the gig at the point where the merchandise (T shirts etc) is on sale.

    Hope you get the chance to say hi !

    Cheers ... Pete

    I was at the Apollo on Monday evening to see the superb Bad Company and I can confirm that it is seating downstairs.

    Also, I got a flyer for the Legends tour and it actually states that the gig in Wolverhampton (Glenn's home town gig) is standing only, so by deduction the others must be seated. The flyer also confirms the Bradford gig on November 15, and also confirms our man along with Jack Bruce, Uli Jon Roth, Michael Schenker and very special guests to be announced.

    Cheers, Pete.

    We got our tickets for this and we're downstairs seated in row B. We went to the Apollo last year and it was definitely seated downstairs, but we're there on the 23rd of this month to see Bad Co so we'll let you know.

    I would imagine for the Legends tour they're all going to be old codgers like me so they'll definitely need seats !!! Only joking !!