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    Hey Everyone,

    I've noticed in Glenn's video messages he is often accompanied by the "furs." My wife and I have recently adopted a new dog from a rescue agency. "Bruster" is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who came into rescue with a broken hip and two bad knees. After a few surgeries he is a healthy and happy 2-year old pup, and really enjoys his new-found mobility.

    My last pooch was a rescued greyhound who passed away five years ago at the age of fifteen...afterwards we hesistated for a long time to bring another dog into our lives. However, the joy and fun Bruster has brought to us is something special.

    If you have a place in your heart and home, don't forget all of the wonderful canine companions out there waiting for someone to love. Your selflessness will certainly be rewarded ten times over!

    Thanks again all!

    I just received my copy of the Soulfully Live CD/DVD. I can't wait to dig into it later!

    I got a great deal by ordering from the online music store here and it came within a few days...very cool!!

    Either this Mike R is a very smart guy and knows great music when he hears it,
    ..............or this post was written by Glenn's mom.

    No..not Glenn's Mom, but just a fan.

    Do not go to "Discography" to find out how much catching up you have to do, or you might discover why we call ourselves "The Glenn Hughes Crazy People."

    PS....You're from Glen Burnie, Maryland?
    Shouldn't that be: Glenn ~ Burn?

    LOL never thought of that one!

    Thanks for the welcome!! I just picked up "Songs in the Key of Rock" yesterday and was cranking it up in the car at lunchtime. Very cool 70's rock vibe...I'm ready to go over my guitarist friend's studio and play some music tonight!

    Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.

    I'm really impressed with Glenn's site and the great online tools.

    After not keeping up with Glenn's music since the Purple and Seventh Star days, I recently started checking out some his solo work (starting with Soul Mover...WOW!) Since then I've picked up a few more, including of course F.U.N.K. Glenn's playing and singing sounds absolutely incredible these, I've been missing some great stuff since his return. I'm looking forward to digging into the site and getting to know what's up with other fans of Glenn's music.