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    Dear all, thanks for all the replies....some interesting points made, especially about the state of the music business. We truly have been blessed over the last decade or so, with Glenn releasing so many albums and in various genres to satisfy all our tastes.

    I understand why Glenn feels BCC should be a classic rock band, but I honestly feel, on the side he should be playing a different style of music, in the same way as Joe Bonamassa is a bluesman on the side.

    I just feel Glenn is misguided in thinking that BCC was 'successful' because of the musical direction it has focussed on. I've bought both albums, and consider them worse than the average Glenn Hughes album. I imagine Joe Bonamassa fans have done the same, and feel the same.

    I honestly think if BCC were to blend the influences of its component parts, rather than focus on pure rock, it would be much better for it. They should be looking at mixing things up a little on the next album, adding more blues and funk influences, and other influences to spice it up a bit. I find the first 2 BCC albums, totally bland, and that's what really frustrates me, if Glenn feels it is a winning formula.

    I'm sure he feels if Purple had stuck to a pure rock direction, it would ultimately have been more successful. I personally feel, it is because Purple mixed classical, blues, funk and other influences that their legacy continues to this day. I love the component parts of Purple and the way, when mixed together, they created albums in Stormbringer and Burn particularly, that are utterly unrivaled.

    Don't get me wrong, I love rock as much as the next man, I just feel success comes from quality, not from a preconceived notion of what will make people happy. If Glenn were to record the album he really wants to record, it would be a better album, and as such, 10 times more likely to be commercially successful.

    My personal opinion would be to use YATM(WJTB) or Stormbringer as the template, but it should be what Glenn feels in his heart. I just don't think another rock album, similar to BCC, is what he feels in his heart, and that saddens me.

    Dear Glenn, BCC has given you a platform, now go out and deliver. Call it a rock album if you will, but just make sure it's a 'black' rock album!

    It totally saddens me to read that Glenn has decided that his next album will be purely "classic rock" in the BCC vein. Having read his fantastic autobiography it is clear that Glenn himself feels restricted by having to write/perform in this genre.

    Let's get this straight...I own both the BCC albums and will continue to buy and support anything Glenn does, but I am a firm believer in him following his natural funk instincts.

    This is what Glenn said in the interview...


    The 'F.U.N.K.' album was very well recorded and I love the songs, but that's for a cultured audience and a different kind of audience. It's more of a cult audience, if you will. But my audience now with BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION and a lot of my fans are rockers, man, so it's time to rock.

    Well, if that's so, then I'm one of the cultured audience. Someone who loves Funk, Building the Machine and Feel, and does not at all like BCC, Return of Crystal Karma and the like.

    Please Glenn, fans of the "classic rock" Glenn are already getting their fix via the BCC vehicle. Why not use your solo career to satisfy the more
    "cultured" audience? (Glenn's term not mine!).

    Personally I feel, you would satisfy ALL your fans by recording an album in the vein of You Are The Music (WJTB). The perfect combination of rock, soul and funk.

    Very few people, if any, got into Glenn Hughes because of his involvement in Black Sabbath. We love Glenn because he's different, he rocks, but he's funky. Same reason we love Tommy. People love artists because of what makes them different, what makes them stand out from the crowd.

    Glenn, don't pigeon-hole yourself. There's no reason to make solo albums like BCC. F.U.N.K was utterly brilliant - would love you to continue in that direction.


    What would be a good title for Glenn's next album?

    Given that we've had Return of Crystal Karma and First Underground Nuclear Kitchen....Isn't it about time for....

    Songs Of Universal Love ?

    That would be a good trilogy...