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    Hello guys there is no word to tell you what we'have seen and heard sunday in Dortmund. It'was ab more than a Fantastic concert. The acoustic was very very very good the sound was clear. Anders plays very well and the voice of Glenn was more than fantastic this guys is crazy he is not human he comes from another planet. For me he is really the best singer on this planet.What a VOICE!!!!! A big thanks to Glenn for the emotion he gives to his audience. The song imperfection was perfect.All the songs were perfect. As i told you there is no words.PERFECT.

    Can´t say it with better words. There´s just one word for this gig and for Glenn always: F A N T A S T I C. Thanx for coming to Germany for this great performance and for your soulfully voice again.

    Just wanna say hello to all GH-Fans and introduce myself. My name is Michael, 42 from Germany Muenster. After this amazing gig in Dortmund I need to registrate here to write about it and let u know how much I love Glenns Music and now - after heard it - his fantastic humor. Haha :)