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    And finally, nice to see a few familiar faces - see you at Buxton :)

    Teehee, see you there! And I agree - I said to Martin I don't know how he does it but each time feels like a whole new level of greatness that you just don;t think is possible but then he goes and does it again and delivers a cracking show with a cracking band who are so tight and such a tight knit family too - you can see the enjoyment coming from the stage as well as hear the quality of the performance! Sound was great in the Roadmender and I echo everything Wolfy said. Glad to have Can't Stop the Flood in the set list - it's a real 'hip shaker' to quote David for me. Loved First Step Of Love being brought into the set. Loved the energy of the crowd too! Good to see you all there and wherever we may meet on the road in the future x

    HI Cameron - good to meet you and looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh next Friday.

    Yes last night was absolutley outstanding. Glenn's performance of Cold had me brimming with tears as he performed this as he explained the concept behind the writing of the song before he palyed it. In a nutshell it's about grief and not having time to grieve for people who Glenn has lost over the last few years - so go listen to it again and apply this fresh appraoch and I challenge you not to feel moved.

    I took my mum with me as a first time Glenn live experience for her and she is hard to impress and doesn't like a lot of loudness but I thought I'd take the chance. I loved seeing the mesmerised look on her face that appears on all first time live Glenn faces and she turned and said to me - he is brilliant - he has something that not a lot of people have got! Hooray - I've converted my mum!!!!!!! I've been trying to tell her for long enough.

    The book as Cameron said was safely tucked away behind glass but looked absolutley fantastic - you can see the box set images at the top in the main fan forum pages I've noticed. Big thanks to Matt at Foruli for all hsi effort in arranigng this event and also a personal thanks for showing me the unproofed draft copy - it is something really special!

    Thanks you Glenn, thanks you Foruli, Thank you Joel, and thank you everybody.

    Great to see Mike, Mick, Nat, Jerome, Cameron and Pierre last night!

    Will hopefully be able to make the Sheffield gig on 27th - I never got to see her at the BCC gigs as was on the merch both nights so looking forward to seeing her. Will see her with Glenn at Buxton also!

    Ahhhh Chris - actually I have thought out my funeral songs too! How easy to think of sadness emotive over happiness emotive! Not fully decided yet but I've had a fews suggestions from different walks of people but I know I will just know it when I hear it if that makes sense - just like I knew one day I'd meet someone and just feel 'it' which I did!

    Thanks Shirean and Wolfy thats a great help and I shall listen to all of these! We haev Cheap Trick in the buffet back ground playlist actually and I was having a look at the playlist to see if there was anything in there I could use and Cheap trick was waving at me! I won't update with my choice before the big day but will fill you in after! xxx

    Hi guys! I really need your help! I need a song to walk down the ailse to, The original choice we are having now as we sign the register so I need to pick a new song to make my grand entrance to. And please don't suggest anything Take That or WestLife which I 'm guessing you probably won't! What did soem of you guys have at your weddings? I'm so stuck with what to choose - a lot of rock love ballads have go a fair amount of sadness and pain in them. It doesn't necessaruly have to be a song that will make people cry, I'm all about a happy entrance but I want something true to my rock routes and I just can't come up with anything. I have a few on the potential list - including Coast To Coast but thsi isn;t a particulalry romantic song. Help please! All suggestions welcome - and I only have a week to decide! Thanks a lot and I know you will all feed me with inspiration! xxxxxx :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:


    Seems to be lots of celebrations coming up in the next few months ;)

    Haha yes - anyone who wants to celebrate Martin and I having just got married and to toast the Sweensters forthcoming wedding should join us in Northampton! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: Oooh 10 days to go! :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: And then another 27 after that till solo tour kicks off! So Looking forward to the next few months! x