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    Well I would just like to say what a fab time I had last weekend in New Jersey and big thanks to everyone who I met there and partied with and welcomed me into the fold! Glenn was superb as usual. Many a spine tingling moment of sheer delightful vocal pleasure! And what a set list! I was loving that Holy Man was on there and as someone rightly pointed out about the set list - it was typed up by a foreigner becuase of the date arrangement - yes that was I - a backwards Brit girl! Lol! I have so many great memories form last weekend! It was an honour and a privilige to have been there! Only 9 days to go till The Robyn Gig!

    Biggest thanks from me go to Mike, Gabi and Glenn! I love you all!! xxx

    Well..where to start??

    I did take some pictures which dwell in the "good but not earthshaking" category though I noted with considerable anusement that David took the same picture I did..the sign on our table saying "Reserved for GHPG"...great minds think alike ;) :bow:

    I wrote the reserved signs! Amazing what you can rustle up with a Sharpie and A4 paper! :bouncer: xx