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    Today was about my seventh play and it's starting to click with me. This one is less commercial with no attempts at hits like One Last Soul or Sister Jane. What Classic Rock said is true. At first I really wanted to chuck it but you gotta stick with this one. BCC1 had the same effect. These are not instant oh my god albums like HTP or Sitkor, but they have their rewards eventually. Definitely digging it!

    In my opinion - anything that is instant you go off it just as quickly as you like it, some of my favourite songs have turned out to be songs I used to skip on albums in favour of the catchy tunes when I first got them. Think I've narrowed down my fave between Save Me and Cold. The music on Cold is really dark and sinister and dramatic and I feel it interprets the subject of grief rather well.

    The album seems to be a hit with my next door neighbours children, I had it on outside whilst gardening earlier and they were air guitaring next door to the music, which my neighbour shouted me over to go see! I think my faves so far are between Save Me, Faithless, Cold, Smokestack Woman, I Can See Your Spirit, well we might as well just say all of them! The lyrics on this album are raw and haunting and when G stated this album is a lot darker than 1 he wasn't kidding! It's a truly brilliant album with flavours of rock, blues, funk, ballad and accoustic spreadign accross the range of songs! John H I also like the drums in Battle of Hadrians Wall, sounds very celtic to me this song!

    My album arrived today (Thanks Paul J for pre ordering ours while we were in Cuba - eternallygrateful)! Oh my god it is phenominal! Only did a once run through as been busy tonight but the songs are brilliant - great variety of styles, amazing lyrics and fantastic playing. No favourtie yet, it will come to me after a few listens when I'm not expecting it but Faithless and The Battle For Hadrians Wall both stand out from the rest at the moment, Faithless because it's brilliant, Hadrians Wall becuase it is so very different to what you all might be expecting on this album. Heading out to drop my mum off home and shall be listening in the car, even my mum likes it so far and she would rather sit quietly with a cup of tea than have loud music around her but after she saw the accoustic set at the Book Launch she was in awe and even recognised Cold when it came on the album from when he played it at the launch! Can't wait to listen again in my car just now! Enjoy when you get it - you will not be disappointed! Blown away by it on first listen!

    And so another tour comes to an end and all I can think is when will the next one begin! Had such and amazing experience at the different venues and meeting so many new people as well as catching up with my existing GH friends again. My extended family is so huge now! For all of you who made a show I hope you had an amazing time - to those who couldn't make it - maybe see you for BCC! I'm looking forward to seeing the American BCC reviews throughout June! But first Planet Rock next Sunday at 6pm!

    Ahh yes I remember you, sorry we didn't get chance to say hello and speak! I'll make up for it now and say Hello and it was good to almost meet you! We got the train over from Hamilton earlier in the day so no rush for us, just a phenominal night! We shall be at BCC in Glasgow so see you there xx

    The enquiry line for the HMV Picture House (Edinburgh) is saying that Glenn will be onstage tonight at 7:45pm!!!

    That was the original plan as the venue set a strict curfew so they could reopen after the show as a night club but a little negotiating later from Jerry and the time got put to 8.10 as we were concerned that people would not turn up in time and miss a lot of the show. As I'm sure you will have figured out if you were there on the night! Hope you enjoyed the show - in my honest opinion Edinburgh was my favourite of the tour so far!

    If anybody hasn't yet been able to get to any shows there are only a couple of dates left so don't miss your chance! Glenn is on fire, the band are just awesome and the setlist is fantastic!

    Thanks everyone, it really was a great day and yes we thought it was a rather cool cake! We shall see you in Birmignham Mr P and hope your brother enjoys the show - I'm sure he will!

    Hi all

    In case any of you are interested, here is a link to our official wedding pics from what truly was a fantastic and amazing day that was happy and fun from start to finish (as well as tearful for bits of it)

    It's under Martin & Marie, the logon is and the password is MM2011. The slide show is probably the easiest way of viewing.

    Please feel free to have a look, you are all family on here so I am happy to share!

    Great show!!!!! - personally I was dubious on the sitting down thing and had ants in my pants the whole show wanting to get moving and grooving but being seated actually gave the chance to listen differently and I have to say I loved what I heard! Wolfy has described it so well so I won't repeat him but somtheing else in the vocals and again I don't know if it was to do with the accoustics of the Opera House but there were a couple of moments where the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up when Glenn was opening First Step of Love and Medusa with his vocals, it was like there was something else in the building last night - some higher presence, it's hard to describe really but Glenn looked as though he was channelling something as the notes were reaching out to the audience, maybe it ws Mel on his shoulder as he said before Keepin Time? Whatever it was, it was phenominal to experience that - and the sitting down was probably the best thing to prevent my legs disappearing from under me as they could quite easily have done! Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Bumped into so many people last night (being my localish haunt) so was good to see everyone who was there. Wolfy, tell Annette I hope she enjoyed her return to Buxton and left with a happy smile on her face x

    Looks fab! I held an unproofed copy in my hands last Thursday and I have to say it looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on the whole thing and read all of it! The school report comment against music made me giggle 'pleasing voice'. Oh to be that music teacher and think how much of an underestimation that was!