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    They were the straps that held the monitor in place as the naughty monkey decided to go to the loo inside before I had started in labour and my waters broke so he had to be monitored all te way through the dilation process and the 3.5 hr of pushing (intensely enough for me to strain my chest muscles) but he was in such an awkward position he needed suction in the end. So much for a water birth or active birth that I wanted, but he came and he is wonderful if a little tiring. We don't want to send him back anyway, love him to the ends of the earth x

    The iPhone makes it so easy to use Facebook, it's taken me this long to get to the laptop to come onto the forum. did Ksyleigh let you know I lost your number when I had to reset my phone?

    And yes thank you so much for the card, was a lovely surprise, and one from Annette too. Are you going to Sorens guitar demo thing next Wednesday? Not sure yet if I will go as it is Evening but considering it x

    Hi all

    I would like to introduce you all to Glenn's newest fan, Evan Michael O'Donnelly born 26/06/2012 at 15.54 weighing 6lb 12.5 oz and getting bigger by the day at 2 weeks old now 7lb 3oz! He got to meet Glenn a few times whilst in my tummy and the first song he heard played when he was out of my tummy was Can't Stop The Flood so I think he is a fan already. In fact I am playing it to him now and he is wide awake and reacting with positive moves of his arms and head, if he knew how to dance I'm sure that's what he would be doing ;)

    It was certainly a sober one by 'dry' David, bit wet and windy weatherwise, and as for Martin getting me something special, well Wolfie you know he already did ;) but one of my actual birthday presents he got me of a Michael Buble CD????? I will be setting on fire at the soonest opportunity! xxxx

    An absolutely outstanding show which was 100% heart and soul.

    I challenge anyone to have not felt emotional listening to the stories behind Glenn's songs and how raw and honest he was being.

    The set list was phenominal and I absolutley adored From Now On and I Don't Want to Live That Way Again.

    Glenn has many tales to tell and is so entertaining as he talks about annecdotes he associates with certain songs, people and events.

    Glenn isn't just singing and playing a guitar on these nights, he is really feeling his songs, and delivering the personal meaning of the songs which is such a gift and anyone who has been to or will be going to one of these shows really is getting something to special.

    Glenn joked that he is no Joe Bonamassa before he was playing Little Secret, but no disrespect to Joe, he is a super talent with the guitar, but there is no way that he would have been able to deliver a performance on such a real, emotional and engaging level.

    Glenn you have exceded yourself again and I can't wait to do it all over again in Nottingham and Manchester.

    Yes the books are flogging quickly on the merch as Wolfy pointed out so snap one up early if you want one, all presigned and being pesonalised at the end of the show.

    I overheard one person getting his book signed thanking G for inspiration during his own recovery which really moved me. So here's to the book providing inspiration to many more.

    Good to see the usual suspects again, Wolfy, Anette, Mikey D, Raven Vandelle, Adam, Piers and looking forward to seeing more of you at the next 2 shows xxx

    Hi John, thankfully you survived but you will be feeling so many mixed emotions about what happened as you described.

    You are stronger than you think that you are able to openly talk about it and say how you feel. You witnessed a very traumatic event, one in which people were hurt and killed and yes you had a very narrow escape yourself.

    It is very noble that you grieve for the one's who weren't as lucky as you and even though they may have been strangers the connection in being there and seeing their tragic deaths links you to them in a way you won't forget. You may also feel guilty that they died when you survived and maybe by the sounds of it you feel guilt and anger at yourself because you had a feeling about the event but still went.

    Dwelling on the 'if's' will not change what happened but it's a natural part of grief, bargaining and fantasising about different outcomes should you have dome something different. Try not to blame yourself for havign been there.

    Getting on with normal everyday activities may seem difficult when your heart is so heavy so set yourself daily tasks in a structurd and safe routine that are realistsic that you are going to do, and know when the days are worse than others and set smaller tasks, this will help keep you going in your life while you allow yourself time to process your feelings.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so low, you survived the tragedy but you need to focus on surviving the aftermath and I hope and pray for you that you have the support you need to survive how you are feeling now.

    Keep talking and maybe my bits of advice may be useful for you to help yourself thorugh it too.

    You are in my thoughts xxxx

    Yeah Marie, you wouldn't want to handle the book after eating fish & chips or a bag of crisps ;)

    No way in the world Chip!

    Having said that I red it all last ngiht before I went to sleep and had to keep buffi the pages after I'd read them! What a story and a half! You really do get the sense of this other person who is not the Glenn I know today and it's hard to see that both charachters are the same person :huh:

    His addiction made him feel victimised by the rest of the world which made the habit worse, you feel the self loathing and you certainly raise your eye brows at one or 2 of the stories :eek:

    The counsellor in me would have loved more details on the process of rehabilitation but then again most people want to read about the drugs history so I can understand that.

    I think this has been very honestly written with remorse, regret and even though it is a serious book, you can pick up Glenn's sense of humour through it also in the way some of the lines are delivered, I did find myself chuckling at 1 or 2 points and had to tell myself off because actually the topic isn't so comical, it was just the way the lines were delivered.

    Anyway I'm not going to give anything away, I wouldn't even red any bits aloud to Martin as I think it should be saved for when he reads it in full (if I allow him to touch the book after he has washed his hands several times).

    So thank you Glenn, I love you more for the person you are today having been given such a vivid sense of the person you were, I'm so glad you beat your demon x :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

    :claphands :claphands :claphands :bow: :bow: :bow: Thank you mr postman for bringing me my amazing gift today :claphands :claphands :claphands:bow: :bow: :bow:

    I don't even know how to start reading this! The quality is superb - I think I need to buy a pair of reading gloves and wash them every time I've finished reading a bit! Here goes!!!

    Anybody else got theirs yet?