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    Toto was an incredible band. Period. I saw them last year and really enjoyed myself and got to meet Simon and LUke, who were gracious as they joined us in the hotel bar after the show.

    The founding members were extremely tight and I agree it was time to put the bike in the shed.

    Their last album was very good and I woner as some of these older bands look to release albums this year if this will be known as the Year of the Last Album (ACDC, Whitesnake, Extreme, Motley Crue, Steve Winwood, who else am I missing?)

    I generally believe that Glenn appeals to those who have a higher appreciation and understanding of music.

    My musician friends (or music junkies) all like GH. Those that don't are mostly very kind people without a musical clue.

    On this forum, most appear to have very vast tastes in music and can truly go from Motorhead to Lewis Taylor because there is an understanding of the bit of brilliance in each. In Motorhead, you appreciate the sledgehammer effect; in LT, one enjoys the arrangement and silky vocals.

    Glenn has hit my soul so many times and I tend to tear up when that occurs. Many other artists can do that - vocally and instrumentally - and I am a fan of theirs in much the same way. But Glenn gets the Most Inspirational Award for me :thumbup:

    But, without a doubt, some people don't "get" Glenn, and that's really okay. I mean somebody has to buy some of this new shit (sorry) right?

    Arjen: Not attacking here at all, but I don't think DC is trying to sound like he's 20. It's obvious throughout the album with the scratchy voice and all, he is perfectly at peace with his voice as it is. he is, and never has been, Glenn Hughes.

    On one hand, we expect that the DCs of the world not to try and act 20, but at the same time, we certainly don't want them playing their age do we? It's a vicious cycle in a way.

    This album is neither the best nor the worst Whitesnake has put forth. We certainly can't ask for any more than that at this stage of the game as poor efforts from once-mighty bands abound.

    Just got the new Whitesnake and have to say there are some songs that really, really smoke. Great effort from DC and Doug Aldrich. The album spans many different WS efforts. Definitely Recommended. FUNK is next.

    Just saw them a few weeks back in Harrisburg, PA. After watching the 'On demand' piece on TV, I was a little apprehensive as to what I was going to see.

    Steve Howe looks rough, but plays great and the rest of the guys played very well, but not a fan of Palmer's style. The band played Roundabout and some King Crimson (guess which one?) as well.

    The band played to many standing ovations throughout the night and Sole Survivor was a highlight.

    My expectations, which are very high, were exceeded and Howe provided quite a few physical comedic gems as he would stand their stoically playing and then all of a sudden do some wild rock face or slight kick, and then back into the stance.

    I have not heard this, but have many friends (you guys as well) that have mixed reaction. One friend said it was nothing new.

    My reaction to that was: why do you want something new? the band sounding like Hoobastank? The parameters can only extend so far. If it's a decent, honest effort, we can only applaud it :claphands

    Face it, these guys aren't in their prime anymore.

    If I had a wish, it'd have been for John Sykes to be in the house somewhere on this album.

    Achim: Yes we will all be in the same place eventually. I am glad to hear you are doing well in regard to your cancer.

    I simply cannot pretend to know what that sentence ("you have cancer") must sound like when it comes to you at a relatively young age. I'm assuming you are of average age and not older.

    My mom died at 79 and had smoked for 66 years :huh:
    She was funny, smart, talented and addicted.

    Just read the blog on Mel's site and would recommend everyone reading it. He's really going to fight the good fight.

    My mom passed away from cancer earlier this year and it is a very scary, very real experience. If there is any good that can possibly come of it is that loved ones/friends can express many things that most of us rarely say to one another.

    My mom (who played on the Grand Ole Opry and sold many records) made sure everyone she loved know it towards the end. That's where Mel is now. Yes, it is sad, but the funny things is, Mel will be the least sad of all. It's everyone else that he comes into contact with that will have the hardest time because they have to go on and live without him. He will be at peace with himself as he tries to be strong for everyone else.

    So here's to Mel! :claphands

    As with anyone fighting this kind of fight, she'll have a great performance one night and an absolute airhorn sonata the next. There is no consistency.

    You can easily name classic after classic that was written by someone under the influence. It's much tougher to names ones where that element does not exist.

    It's not to say that any good music comes from sober people (we ALL know that), but many artists struggle with letting it all out and drugs and alcohol are often times the only way many of them think they can loosen up enough to write or perform. This is especially so for younger people who still have the invincibility factor along with a limited experience in coping in a proper manner.

    Though I'm not a big fan, I think Winehouse is refreshing for simply not giving a shit and her sales are reflective of other people identfying with Amy because, like them, she is so...frail.

    My wish would be one day with Glenn in collaboration. I'd love to see the vibe he'd give to some of my songs, which are in the "Feel", "Play me Out" vain.

    That would really be something for me, though he might finally have to stop and yell "Hey Graham! Can you do something other than sit there with your mouth open?" :p

    Any of you who are a fan of Glenn's Incense and Peaches, the Alchemist and softer side, Kenny Loggins son, Crosby, has an album that is truly superb. Crosby Loggins and the Light.

    I guarantee satisfaction. This is THE best album of its kind in quite sometime. The influences on Crosby are evident throughout this CD and each song is unique and equally impressive. Rock, soul, folk...great songwriting.

    David, Glenn MIGHT be interested.

    Where's Laurent? You'd love the musicianship!