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    That would be because not the entire band was playing. Come this September in Spain, you'll see a fuller
    F U N K setlist, as Luis will join them on the road for those gigs. JJ played "his" F U N K songs last night. In addition, the setlist will also cater to where he is in Russia in October, you will no doubt see a very Purple heavy set included.

    Glenn said that Luis could not come due to some problems with work permit (or something like that). Crowd were some 500 strong and very enthusiastic. Band were VERY loud with bass mixed on top which made sometimes difficult to hear JJ's guitar. Glenn was in top form and if he was feeling any jetlag you could not see or hear it, all smile that man! He also praised lot his band because the one in USA fantasy camp were not that good.


    Soul Mover
    Never Say Never
    Oil and Water
    You got Soul
    Gettin' Tighter
    Don't Let Me Bleed
    Steppin' On
    You Keep on Moving

    Purple Rainbow is a silly name. Why not the Stargazers?
    Otherwise I have no problems with this, though I would hope that Jolt would tour with his solo records like GH.

    HTP 3 would be great and I'm sure Turner is up to it, but not so sure if Glenn wants to make a hard rock / metal album at this point of his career.

    ((('s was top10 album in many European countries including number 3 in Germany - one of the most important charts in world.

    As I understood from Gillans site that EMI did not sack the Purps. Purple left them.

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    What else can i say but buy it

    ..and many have selling album of the remaster series so far! Not bad, eh?

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    As expected, no letters printed about their in depth review of SIKTOR – but there are several agreeing with the slating they gave Metallica’s St. Anger.

    I think Classic Rock would make a good review of SITKOR only if the Frontiers Records would post it to Classic Rocks office. They do not pay for the records as the rest of us.

    JLT offers 12 songs of traditional hard rock. I like the fact that former Megadeth guitarist Al Pitrelli is back workin' with Turner. He gives much more edge tho Joe's songs. This album
    sounds lot better than SLAM or Holy Man.

    2003 is a great year: JLT, Bananas, SITKOR, HTP2...

    Good question, maybe he is doing nothing .

    OK, GH do play live, but mostly he is playing songs like Stormbringer...Gasoline would kick ass live!