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    As it says, thanks for making me feel welcome. I have ALWAYS been a huge "Trapeze / Glenn Hughes / Mel Galley fan". I had seen on the net when Mel passed but until this morn I hadn't been here to Glenn's site or the forum.

    I actually called a friend back in North Carolina this morning and we talked about our younger days riding around in the Sandhills of NC late at night trying to sing like Glenn listining to the song "Black Cloud". He was a guitarist and me a drummer but we both wanted to sing, especially like Glenn! My friend had and still has the same Gibson SG like Mel. He told me tonight he was going to fire it up and see if he can still play Black Cloud. He used to play it almost note for note!

    Thanks again for the welcome, I think I'll spend more time here now as I have started purchasing some of Glenns newer stuff. And I must say, that man still sings and plays with the heart and soul of a thousand people!

    I spent the better part of my high school years listening to "Trapeze" here in the southern US. While Trapeze wasn't a houshold name in the US back then, in North Carolina where I lived, everyone had the "You are the Music, we're just the band" 8 track in their cars. We could'nt get enough of Trapeze.

    My heart was saddened to hear of Mel's passing. In my mind he was a very underated guitarist.

    My heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.