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    "Fireball" and "Who Do We Think We Are" are both great albums loaded with great tracks! 'House Of Blue Light" also has some cool songs, eg 'The Spanish Archer", "Bad Attitude", "Mad Dog" "Mitzie Dupree" .....

    I guess I really should have mentioned 'Stormbringer' and 'Come Taste The Band ' also. I forget that they probably don't get the full credit they deserve. Both brilliant albums, and far superior to 'House Of Blue Light'. Sadly nowdays I just can't stomach much stuff from the 80's, although I do think 'Perfect Strangers' was a great Purple album from that era.

    Amazing track, mate! Fantastic guitar riff (and great sound too, by the way), great dynamics and middle-8 part! I love the Hammond in the back too as well as the overall groove, Simon.
    I really like it. Well done! Keep it up!

    I love the other tracks as well. Great vibe and great 70's classic rock feel. Really good songwriting, mate.

    Thanks Katy, that's really kind of you, glad you dig the tunes! Best wishes for 2012! :)

    I finally got this yesterday, lovin' it! Blackmore has been my favourite guitarist since i was a kid, but i've always loved this album too. Tommy Bolin's work on this is outstanding! the whole band's performance is amazing! Really enjoying the remixes for a fresh angle. Awesome!! :claphands

    Hi Mikey,
    It shows that both GH and DC are still very creative souls! Glenn's voice is still superb (maybe become better). I hope David will be better the coming tour. He has a lot of great backing singers in his group(!). So he don't have to sing the high regions. Maybe it's also a good idea for David to sing the more bluesy material from the old days. Some heavier songs are to difficult now for him. Don't play these songs, please. (Ian Gillan understands this very well, he doesn't sing Child in Time anymore, but sings the songs he can sing). So come on DC, sing Walking in the shadow of the blues and Ready and willing and that kind of stuff and it will be O.K. :thumbup:

    Glenn is definitely singing better than ever, and he's probably the only great singer from the day that actually is better now than then. Paul Rodgers still sings amazingly well, as did Ronnie James Dio up until his passing, but very few others have kept their voices as well. David is someone who hasn't, which is sad. I'm a HUGE DC fan, in fact his best stuff from Deep Purple and early Whitesnake is as good as it gets for me.

    Unfortunately David lost that fat high midrange part of his voice a long time ago, so singing a lot of the old material isn't possible for him anymore, he can't even do "Mistreated" anymore. I think his words were.. "like trying to fit an old pair of clothes you've outgrown" or something to that effect.

    He still sounds great in the lower register, as he did on the unplugged 'Starkers in Tokyo" performance. I'd like to see him leave the 80's glam era behind him and get back to his roots. I would also love to see David and Glenn do something new together, David writing stuff to suit where his voice is today, and we all know Glenn is singing amazingly. They both still love soul, blues and rock, i'm sure they'd do something cool!

    I was lucky enough to be able to sit down and chat with Glenn one on one for about half an hour after our show in 2008. It was really interesting the things he told me about the days with Purple etc. We spoke about Ritchie,Gillan,Paice etc plus Ronnie and the guys in Zeppelin. Looking really forward to reading his book!

    How's the New Zealand All Whites drawing 1 -1 with Slovakia 1-1 Italy 0 -0 Paraguay! only the second time to play at the world cup, not bad for a rugby playing nation of 4 million people and less than two dozen professional footballers. Talk about boxing above your weight! We didn't make the final 16 but an outstanding effort! :claphands

    When I watch the footage of the show I played with Glenn, I must say the vocal imrov section during "You Keep On Moving" has brought a tear to my eye. I'm not sure if it's the emotion the memory conjures up or just the shear beauty of what he sings...... either way, he blew me and everyone else away that night with a truly stunning performance. You can check it out here on my facebook page, as I haven't posted any of the footage on youtube.…24881940&ref=mf

    It's very sad that Ronnie lost his battle, he's been one of my very favourite singers for many years and was a truly great and unique human being. What an incredibly HUGE voice he had!

    I feel extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of seeing him live in 2007 with Heaven & Hell and along with every other person there that night, was completely blown away by his voice and stage presence, he stole the show and was well and truly the stand out musician of the night. There's no way I ever would have believed that less than 3 years later he'd be gone. Thanks Ronnie for all the wonderful music you left us, you really are "The Man On The Silver Mountain" :claphands :bow: