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    Finally got my copy in the mail (from Amazon). Wish I knew that BestBuy had this for $9.99, coulda saved a couple bucks plus got it sooner.

    Am listening to it now as I type this, thought it would be cool to try to catchup on some stuff here on the GH forum...

    I love it so far, but I loved the last record too. Not sure which one I like more (haven't even gotten through this one yet but am blown away).

    Something I wish they would do more often on the records is for Joe & Glenn to sing more "together". I love when their voices mix or they trade off on lines in the same song (like An Ordinary Son which I am listening to now).

    That invokes the fantastic Humble Pie vibe they had working back when they had Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, and Greg Ridley all contributing vocals to some of the same songs.

    No worries slipkid :) F U N K is due for a Stateside release in September, but no details to share right at the moment, soon obviously! I can recommend a good replacement online CD store for Buccaneer Records, they are called NEH Records based in Colorado, they get your orders out on time and in some cases before release date, just like Buccaneer used to do.

    Thanks David. I am checking out & bookmarking NEH now.

    One of the great things about Buccaneer, not just their selection and prices, ordering from them, waiting eagerly every month to check out their ad in GOLDMINE to see what's new, was talking to them on the phone, finding out what was what, I think the owner's name was John if I remember right. The internet is great and convenient and all that but I think it is one of the big things that put guys like him out of business, and we (the consumer) are poorer for that, missing the old personal human touch....

    And thanks for the heads up on the FUNK USA release. I've got it on order from Amazon now though, I can live with the $15 import price tag. I was a bit put off by seeing it for $40 today in a store I was at!!!

    ...Joe Reagoso (who is this guy, anyway?)...

    Hey here's something I can kind of answer!

    Joe used to live in the Philadelphia area (where I live). He played guitar and had his own band and I used to see him open up for several great classic rock/guitar hero bands back in the '80s in Philly clubs - folks like Robin Trower and Eric Johnson. Maybe Spirit too. I can't remember for sure who. He had a white guitar - either a strat or a telecaster - that he had guys he opened for sign for him. I think playing was more of a hobby for him though than a career - he did release at least one EP that I know of (I have it).

    But he had a day job too - he worked for one of the big record labels, I forget which one, y'know Polydor, MCA, EMI, Capital, RCA, something like that. I think he even joined Canned Heat at one point for a tour or something?

    Back then was the glory days for independent CD/record stores btw. The big box stores like Best Buy/Walmart didn't exist, places like Borders/Barnes & Noble, none of those sold CDs and little independent stores had a chance to make a living. And of course there was no such thing as Mp3s, the internet, CDRs and that kind of stuff which has pretty much killed the record "industry" now IMO.

    I used to hang out at a local indie CD shop after work every Friday and became friends with the owners. Their place kind of became a hangout for all kinds of music lovers like me, listening/discussing new releases etc. Joe Reagoso was a label rep for (insert label here) and he would be there on business or whatever but would hang out too - he was just another big music fan, happens to work in the industry though. He was a really cool guy. He used to give me tons of promo CDs :)

    A very long story I won't try to relay (unless someone wants me to) is how because of him I got to meet my all time idol, Pete Townshend!!!! I will never forget that experience.....

    I think Joe has his own record company now (duh - maybe that is what this STORMBRINGER version is on). I know Wishbone Ash and I saw Reagoso's name pop up a few years ago in relation to one of their reissues (an XM session I think if I remember right) & asked about that to see if it was the same guy I knew from the old Philly days & the answer was YES. I tried to email him to reconnect and thank him for that Pete experience but I don't recall hearing back from him....anyways I wish him all the success in the world! He is a real music fan and not a record industry bean counter type of guy and if he is remastering/producing stuff I would expect that he would be doing a good job, or at least trying to, rather than just slapping things together. He'd be doing it with love like Mom's home cooking if you know what I mean.

    Hey slipkid, I moved your question into this thread, as you'll see it answers part of your question. The other part is that it's getting a remaster treatment with bonus tracks etc, that in fact, Glenn is participating in. You can read more about that here. As you'll see, it's been brewing for quite sometime, but hopefully later this year or the early part of next, it'll finally see the light of day.

    THANKS very much David. My bad for not spotting this thread already.

    Thanks for the welcome David. I was a member of the forums a long time ago but haven't been up here in awhile (I think this is all new now?)....I got motivated to find out what's going on with Glenn after seeing his new album in a record store today for 40 $*%#ing bucks!!!!! Was hoping to find out if it was coming out domestic for cheaper or what!!!!

    Now I am a happy camper after ordering it from Amazon for about $15 :)

    Actually I am ODing on Glenn orders - also bought the Hughes-Thrall remaster plus HTP 2, which I didn't even know had come out, jeez I am so out of it anymore as far as what is coming out with a lot of my old faves, ever since some old places I used to buy from folded like Buccaneer Records, and the demise of ICE magazine. Ah the good ole days of CD shopping....

    Can anyone tell me if this album is going to come out domestically here in the USA? I really would like to get this but refuse to pay $40 for it!!!!!! (which is what I saw it going for in a record store I was at today)

    Well I feel pretty stupid....never thought to look on Amazon for it (also the hughes-thrall reissue) 'em both coming now for OK prices****

    I was in a record store today & spotted a remastered version of STORMBRINGER - remastered by Joe Reagoso!!!! Thanks to Joe I got to meet Pete Townshend in '93! But that's a long story.

    Anyways, I knew STORMBRINGER was supposed to be coming out but thought that it was going to be like the other Purple reissues that have bonus tracks, but this one had none.

    Can anyone fill me in on the scoop with SB? Is it coming out as another reissue with bonus tracks or is this recent remaster the one to get?